Spirits, Candlesticks And Stars

We equate the Father with the octal group; The seven Spirits of God are then the seven non-zero elements of the octal, and these are also the seven multiplicative elements from GF(8)*. With respect to multiplication only, we refer to the multiplicative elements as equal to the seven Holy Spirits. (I assert with confidence that this is not blasphemy, but that God is so much more than this! These are symmetries of the Holy Trinity amongst themselves: It is not given to measure the outside of the temple courtyard which is trodden under by the gentiles.)

The candlesticks of which there are also seven are seven C7 groups that preserve multiplication upon subgroups of the octal. That xG is also a subgroup is that which is required. There are in fact eight C7 groups that preserve the subgroups of an octal group, and that eighth is the angel "of the church" or more properly the seven stars in the right hand of God.

Each church is represented by one element from each of the C7 groups, whereas the action of the angel is to "cycle" these representatives as follows, (each row is a candlestick and the columns are comprised of the same seven cycle.)

a b d c f g e
c f a e g d b
e g c b d a f
b d e f a c g
f a b g c e d
g c f d e b a
d e g a b f c

The candlesticks are included to disclose the fact that there is more than one adequate container for the "life" within the candlestick - which is the Holy Spirit.

"Stars" in the book of revelation refer to those elements and subgroups (properly referred to as various forms of addition) from a full set of octals (There are thirty octals in the same seven symbols) - and are properly defined as all of those elements from those octals that are not in the reference or "sun" octal. So if the stars refer to those parts of these other possible octals such as in the triple [a,c,f] then these are separate from the triples in our original "sun" octal {[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g],[b,d,f],[b,e,g],[c,d,g],[c,e,f]}.

If an octal contains subgroup(s) present in the sun octal these subgroups are referred to as being in the sun octal, although the remainder of the subgroups from those octals are as "stars". The intersection should not be confused with that of "blood" or "the moon" used elsewhere in revelation. These other octals with part-similar structure are related to the serpent spirits of the sixth trumpet, and are under "antichrist" and the spirit of "Death" we see expounded elsewhere.

The stars in that sense are those elements that belong to a different field GF(8). The requirement for a different GF(8)+ is that which is important in that case. Opposition to the Spirit of life is, "Death".

The stars in the Lord's right hand are also correctly described by this definition of a different GF(8), but refer to those stars that are in the same "sun" octal and yet are from different multiplicative groups. We now have a link in the text to the definition of the right hand of God: it is the "sun octal".

The Lord is He who is walking through the midst of these candlesticks: By floating our unity we may hold static a different subgroup, (there is one of each in each row!) We also note that it is possible to "walk" through the columns also!

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