Mountains, Islands, Blood And Trees

Mountains in the text refer to quasi-algebraic methods used to find a place in the "sea" that appears to be a junction between triples of octals. In some cases there may be a unique possibility for a triple. I.e. given any two octals there is some correspondence between "trees" (see below) in the octals and within a third octal that seems like a "binary operation" - within which there is some form of "completion". It becomes apparent that a mountain is an effort to relate the octals of the sea into classes or as if they were under an operation of addition. In being able to pick "any" two octals a device or "mountain" is a stronghold to which people may hold fast since it seems to be a refuge of truth, whereas it is actually a method that frustrates the spirit of grace found in the "sun octal's" seven cycle.

First we simply state that a "tree" is a branching from a singleton element into the left hand from the right. Thus the static subgroup in the left hand [c,e,g] is a branching out of the singleton "a" = 1. As from before;

a=1 => [b,d,f] and {c,e,g} is fixed
b=1 => [c,d,g] and {a,e,f} is fixed
d=1 => [c,e,f] and {a,b,g} is fixed
c=1 => [a,f,g] and {b,d,e} is fixed
f=1 => [b,e,g] and {a,c,d} is fixed
g=1 => [a,d,e] and {b,c,f} is fixed
e=1 => [a,b,c] and {d,f,g} is fixed

we note that the subgroups branch from the left to the right also. Thus the branch of [c,e,g] would be {[a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g]} which also forms a K4 group under our operation (A v B)^c.

Then we may define a tree as a subgroup formed of branching either from right to left, or left to right. Equivalently since it is always the case in the octal that there is branching, a "tree" is therefore simply a term for the general case of a "K4 subgroup" in whatever form it comes. It need not be static. It can be at the left or right hand, so it is not necessarily as a "horse" but may simply be a set of triples as in {...}. The definition of the two "olive trees" or the two witnesses is a case of this: also the two lampstands that stand before God are a special case of the witnesses under a seven cycles action.

The definition of "blood" now becomes apparent. "blood" is equal in the trext to the intersection of triples of K4 subgroups forming a K4 group. They have one unique intersection that in a "reverse" to the apparent branching above has a 1-1 correspondence to its singleton in the right hand. Likewise if an octal is defined upon the left hand triples then we on that octal's singletons have a symmetrical structure. "Blood" or the intersection is seen in some form as the "life" or "circulation" of the inherant structure. It is the very "limiting principle" that keeps the system closed rather than in infinite descent. We as a consequence require the triple [a,b,c],[a,d,e],[a,f,g] to be "equal" to "a".

Then what is an island? An island is a mountain in the sea; properly it is a land surrounded by the sea,. so we may state that an island is an ocurrence of a K4 subgroup that is in two or more presently considered octals. In relating octals into classes based on their intersections of K4 subgroups, we see the source in the text of islands being "moved out of their places" shows they too are or were a place of "refuge" - they are possibly part formed of one or more K4 subgroups of the "sun octal", and it could be considered that these places or "islands" are "cut off" as if they were not related to the sun octal at all.

The sun becoming as black as sackcloth (seek and ye shall not find) and the moon red as blood (being lukewarm is considered "obedient" enough.) I.e. not having the truth and fornicating (what little truth you have) away for little in return, is what is in view spiritually here through the mathematics. The bible speaks of this time becoming a "night when no man may work" (as work in the gospel.)

The terms "dens" and "the rocks" correspond to those places within strongholds of islands and mountains within which men hide (or rather cling to in congregation). In the time of the passage when the book of life is full and the sealed of God are known as from the scroll, the stars of heaven fall to the earth before they can become "ripe" fruit, their further action is "cast off": The stars of different octals are "taken advantage of" for the purposes of antichrist and the false prophet to further frustrate the spirit of grace in the seven churches to continue their relationship to the beasts from the earth and sea. Properly it is to the false prophet that the blame may be laid as the beast coming up from the Earth. In this sense the false prophet takes over from the stars to fill the "power vacuum".

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