A Matter Of Timing?

Astonishing then, that the time period in the prophecy could have the informationm embedded within it to interpret the nature of the prophecy, as well as to coincide the chronological difference and spiritual result of the words themselves. This is divine coincidence.

Daniel's striking gift of prophecy that is true both ways - both chronologically and as embedded information concerning the cleansing of the sanctuary in the previous vision are amongst the few prophecies that have a definite time period accompanying them for our own benefit. Also mentioned in Daniel are the 70 years in Jeremiah's book concerning the length of the captivity in Babylon itself.

It is common belief that the last week is divided into two halves, one with the fulfillment of Christ and the latter half stayed until the end for the "time, times and a half" of the "great tribulation". However, every mention of 1260 days, 42 months, "time, times and a half", 3 1/2 years etc in revelation, are an encoding of the symmetry of the problems within which men have found themselves concerning their spiritual (heavenly) dwelling places.

The text itself then hits the "sweet spot" of timing, yet it is not true that the other time periods of 2300, 1290 or 1335 days are chronological: Rather Gabriel's sweet spot helps us to affirm that the octal structure is correct and is "truth" as much as is the result of predicting when a prophecy will be fulfilled. (When in doubt realise that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.)

Different results on the timing and of the nature of prophetic fulfillment has led to much division - people are willing to castigate each other over dates when neither date matters! The predictions of the precise day of the end of the world have ridiculed and shamed Christians in front of other people whom may scoff - no matter how well intended, such efforts are actually fruitless.

If someone with a calculator could precisely reckon the day of the second coming, then Christ would have said He himself would know it. What Christ said was that if were to watch, the time would not overtake us and take us by surprise. Jesus didnt say calculate and be disappointed: He said watch and be patient.

That said, the prophecy of the seventy weeks was accurate (!) but the Jews had long since stopped watching; They didn't recognise Him - or else they didn't want Him because He had been watching them.

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