The Lake Of Fire

Jumping straight into a key verse that will help unlock some understanding, we have:

Joh 5:26 For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; (KJV)

The Spirit in God that gives Him life is, obviously (or perhaps not) the Holy Spirit. Just as GF(8)+ has C7 for a multiplicative group, also GF(4)+ has an induced multiplicative group C3 from the automorphisms upon the finite field GF(8).

There are several ways to explain the lake of fire,.. as "The second death", "Gehenna" etc. However if indeed this is the "second" death, which was the first one? Obviously we have seen the answer from the fourth seal, the rider on the fourth horseman is named "Death". That system has 666 configurations across all 30 octals, (as in GF(8)) and is equal to the number of ways that an antichrist and static "bow" can be chosen across all those 30 octals in the "sea".

As part of the cosets of K4 subgroups (as static groups) in the "sea" of octals, the 666 system is of those element triples that are outside of the "Christ" part of the octal group (the Father) and without unity. The Son is present in the octal ultrafilter as if being "sat" as any of the seven elements (as a floating unity) or as a correspondence to unity from a static subgroup (one of four possible in the octal per choice of unity.) We learnt that since Jesus is God and truly has life in Himself (that His C3 multiplicative group is not merely "induced" but always and necessarily present in His Father), only He could open the last three seals on the book of life from the Father's right hand.

Christ, in being the "way the truth and the life" or "the resurrection and the life" implies then that to be outside of Christ completely is to be numbered 666 and "totally dead". Also it is the case that if one had no necessary "life" then the interruption to the ultrafilter as found from the serpent spirits of the sixth seal (the "Death" spirit) would kill also. (By interrupting the octal to induce one of the last three seals.)

So if the "lake of fire" is taken at face-value, as it's language would imply from the text, "fire" would speak of the Holy Spirit, and "lake" would be equivalent to a "small sea".

So rather than giving any more room to hell than is necessary we could simply state the lake is to be an interrupted K4 ultrafilter, that is (also under a seven cycle;)

a = 1 = (a, b, c)
b = (a, d, e)
c = (a, f, g)

Which under the action of the Holy Spirit creates a closed system identical to the last three seals (then similarly interrupted as under seven cycles). We also see that the constructions of the "Death" and the "Hell" that follows after, the "bows" of antichrist are not present in this system.

We would require however that somehow the elements a, b and c are "closed" as if multiplication in C3 or K4 holds.

The serpent spirits (Death) are those that use their tails to do hurt - they form transpositions of the elements in the coset of the static group. Here that would be a transposition of any two elements from {d,e,f,g}. That would make no difference on this system at all. This lake of fire is exactly the same as the interruption to the ultrafilter employed by the serpent spirits to form "sensual" transpositions (c.f. "Thou shalt surely die" in Gen Ch3.) to create the factored A5 from S5.

The locust or scorpion spirits (Hell) act on additive subgroups of finite fields (characteristic 2). If one were to add zero to the above system we would easily see a potential K4 group under cycle, a "small sea" or "lake." And under addition with the subgroup (0,a,b,c) as the zero element using (A v B)^c = A+B, the group acts as its own identity element. So we could have an additive group of a field. However the only subfield is isomorphic to GF(2) or (0,1).

However, in fact these groups are not present as they depend on the octal, which we may no longer claim is underlying this system.

We can see the branching effect is present also. "a" is doubled to "b,c" and added upon itself. likewise "b,c" is doubled to "d,e,f,g" and added upon itself. Were one to write 1 = (a,b,c),(a,d,e),(a,f,g) and then b = (a,d,e) = ((a,b,c),(a,D,E),(a,F,G)) etc where the capitalised letters are "new" elements, we see that this branching is continuous and is not cyclic. We have a form of infinite descent.

Under the action of "locusts" every finite field extension over the GF(4) field may have short orbits: Since the only non-trivial subfield of the system GF(4) is GF(2), we see there are never any "short orbits" induced within this four element system (although there may be in the extension over it.)

However there is no definition of the octal group here in the "lake of fire" to form the field extension over it. The continual redoubling of the system, from one symbol "a" to three "a,b,c", then from three to seven "a,b,c,d,e,f,g" then to fifteen (try adding one for a "zero element" as would be in a field.) Then we have 1,2, 4, 8, 16, 32.... Then even if the locusts can find an equivalent to a field extension where the extension is of a power of 2: since the serpents do not have an effect, there will never be transpositions. (Hell is a combination of the fifth and sixth trumpets, Hell follows after Death (Death is from the sixth trumpet.)). There will be no transpositions, and so there is no "factored group" from S5 to A5 etc. (no lust of the flesh, no lust of the eyes (to covet), and certainly no pride of life (this is death.))

So Death and Hell are thrown into the lake of fire also, with no interruption to this system. All others in this lake of fire are outside of the octal sea: and therefore as outside of Christ, left to spiritually fend for themselves in eternity in "great torment".

One could also check that under the octal addition we have used throughout for the "sun octal" then as for K4 groups of K4 subgroups, (a,b,c),(a,d,e),(a,f,g) forms a K4 group in the octal. However it is not "part of GF(8)" as unity can never be an element of the static subgroup. The Holy Spirit has left the system. Also as it does not form the rest of the octal's seven subgroups, we are limited to a very small set of group-like sets indeed, we have no necessity for an additive group in this lake of fire - there is no present group operation for a definition for {d,e} and {f,g} as part of a finite octal. We indeed do have infinite descent.

Likewise there is no strict definition for any induced multiplication, merely the bounds of the system in its form of infinite descent. There are however; verses from scripture from which we may deduce a littler.

The lake is "burning with brimstone." We learned in the serpent spirits of the sixth trumpet that their mouths (the "a" element) issued forth fire, smoke and brimstone. I.e. fire+ brimstone = smoke. Smoke, being that which obscured the correctly seven cycle in the octal. In the above system, if fire is the "self referencing" element (not as an algebraic unity since we don't have the operations), we also have to find which is our "brimstone". Namely the brimstone is the triples corresponding to the elements "b,c" and the "smoke that rises forever" from later descriptions in revelation would be those parts giving rise to infinite descent, namely "d,e,f,g" as a portion of their triples. It would seem that by infinite descent, those placed in hell drop away rapidly, leaving their smoke as rising behind them - As Jesus described there is a great gulf between them and "rest".

Note that the infinite descent is the result of "fire and brimstone" and the combination is the "smoke of their burning" as opposed to smoke as from the pit that obscures the air (spirit). That same smoke from the pit being the result of the sum (as the third part of) "fire + brimstone" taken from the underlying octal.

It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. The lake of fire is simple. If you find yourself in there all you have to do is open the book of life and your right to eternal life in glory is a given. If even this were possible, to open the last three seals as from familiarity with this system in the lake of fire: remember you are not present inside the octal or "sea of glass" to first open the first four seals. Despite all that if you can manage all that, as you haven't written your name in it yourself, it will not be found - Go make your own paradise somewhere else if you think you are the creator.

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