The First Vial Of Wrath

The first vial is poured out on the four earthy elements of the Sun octal. These elements as the choices of unity corresponding to the static subgroup of Christ i.e. that correspond to the bows of antichrist generated by the seven cycle: In view is the "wine of fornication" of each of the four possible balances - The first vial is then poured out on those that have the mark of the beast. A "noisome and grievous sore" appears on those with the mark, clearly identifying those tares in the church as those with the mark. (They are declared to be not elected by God.)

Those that worship the image are those with the mark in their foreheads - those that persue this evil and blasphemous method of church growth. They exercise the "pale horse" method over the churches as in the office of false prophet - they are those that are the pastors of these churches that persue the continuation of the thesis of the growth method. Jesus stated that "many will come in My name saying I am Christ, and they will be the ones that will deceive you."

Those that have the mark of the beast are those that preceded (as formerly having adopted the dialectic bows) the uptake of the mark by a new fellowship: As the mark equates growth with the continuing of the dialectic process, before a church takes on newly incorporated status; those that have the mark (previous in the chain) are those churches already incorporated with the same system - New fellowships incorporating the process have had their own pastors see the success of the growth of the mark and bring it to their table in the process. New pastors as joining the campaign of the false prophet have the "evidence" of previous growth of fallen fellowships to tempt away new fellowships, Small size is not an indication of the failure of any fellowship.

Those with the mark in the pouring out of the vials are complete in number due to the seals being open: as the mark is passed amongst those without proper election (election is a penny for their wheat, they are in favour instead of three more tares corresponding to their spiritual "Death" or in application of the wormwood device.) The mark of the beast is then equivalent to fellowship in the laodicean conglomerate's churches - now completely leavened by the sources of false doctrine (leaven) from the dragon and exited by the least in the kingdom of heaven - the one lump is wholly leavened.

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