The First Beast Explained

The ten kings of the beast's ten horns form together the image system. In sets of three (as dialectic balances) or as the black horse of the dragon's tail. The threefold dialectic device here is used with one king of the remaining seven sitting in authority as with wearing the last remaining satanic crown of the dragon for his authority. He does whatever is pleasing to him in this decision, but the process is such that the decision is made in worship to the dragon in employing his device and the remaining six kings carry the decision immediately - they have one mind from this method.

The crown is able to be used by any of the ten kings with any three others employing the device of the balances. The seventh crowned king sits in the place of "Death" and as six kings with one mind "Hell follows after." The Hell spirit over the locusts of the fifth seal follow after the source of leaven that takes the place of Philadelphia. In fact this synagogue takes the form of the mind or the "mouth" of the beast. (More on the mathematics of the life given to the image is needed for a full explanation.)

This three onto one effect of the dialectic of the kings employs the dragons tail in the same manner as the dragon used his superfluous three horns to construct the USA. It is the same device. In this manner the kings reign for one hour with the beast.

The little horn used to heal the missing (unity) rest state (from obedience to the letter of Laodicea) as the seventh head of the beast is treated as it were a church - but is merely a secular power: the synagogue of satan that leavens the church is a separate entity. The little horn or "antichrist" may be any political power that has interest in the church - to make it conform to the world under the beast's authority.

Perhaps these images may make more sense of this page.

Here we see how the dragon has used his entire history of the mystery of iniquity from Egypt to the USA to store all this effort up in OT physical Israel. The pseudo Judeo-Christianity (in the form of the synagogue of satan) that mixes OT doctrine from the Israel that "once was" God's people, (and "now is not" God's people but "yet shall become" as God's people.) Dispensationalism is an example of the system shown here.

Here we see in its simplest form the effect of the healing of the beast's deadly wound. The image takes the place of the little horn once the leaven has entered the system - In order to make the "doctrine stick" legally by bringing in the process used (as a basis of all relations between government and church). Once times and laws have been "altered" as under articles of "faith" (when in fact they are obligations) to legal corporations, the little horn has done all its work and the legalese of the ten kings takes over. The image of the beast represented here by the green "crown" uses the doctrine of the synagogue of satan as its mouthpiece (its mind) in leavening (deciding) the churches forming the Laodicean conglomerate.

Now the dialectic image is employed on the healed head (little horn) of the beast, or by the ten kings that reign with the beast. The image system with "hell following after" (as through the life in the image set up by the false prophet) ensures that the leaven of the synagogue of satan is distributed amongst the churches in the Laodicean conglomerate.

This is the most complete picture yet - one merely has to replace Philadelphia with the source of leaven and then place the little horn as the "rest element" of the beast (that may also be replaced by image - the ten kings). The device of satan has been employed on Israel since Egypt and has left its impression. It is ideal as a leavening influence within the beast system. However the damage is done by the false church of the synagogue of satan, the false prophet, not the little horn.

Jews do not believe in cultic Christianity such as the rapture of the church, they do not even attend church, though they may like being noticed and given the best seat at the dinner table - they are for all intents and purposes a secular entity rather than a "religious" nation of faith. It is not the fault of the Jews that false Christianity has picked up on them as if they were a banner to follow after. They are every bit as much a tool of the end time as England or the USSR, but they are not going to "rule the world" or chop off our heads. There is no justification in seeing them as a vile and evil entity over say, the post office or network rail.

Lastly we see the repeated leavening process that with one satanic crown (worn by ten kings) used as the pale horse has lowered the standard of the church to the point that Laodicea is characterised more by false doctrine from the synagogue of satan (doctrine that has survived since Egypt) than of Christ - and is granted protection from the beast it rides if and only if it is in accord with the beast system itself. The ten kings strip the Church of all righteousness in Christ, by supplanting Christ as the moral compass of the Laodicean conglomerate. It becomes yet closer to the judgement of the scarlet beast and image where the Laodicean conglomerate is every bit as much the synagogue of satan as the single "church" of its namesake (which is the mouthpiece of the false prophet).

The beast from the sea has a deadly wound, which is healed by the return of the state of Israel that has survived all of the seven historical kingdoms above. The beast in the "healing" is become morphed into the scarlet beast rode by the woman later in revelation's text. There is no second beast from the sea that turns scarlet, merely that satan has rehashed the same beast into a new form with the introduction of the state of Israel into the doctrine of the church. (Israel is not just part of the beast, but forms the means to satans end.)

The scarlet beast is a judgement of the Chruch as the "woman" - that the interweaving of image and beast is inseparable from the church. Also true is that the beast that the woman rides is identifed as the little horn, yet the little horn is then a rehash of the beast from the sea. (What we see is not the beast from the sea but the dragon behind it) The little horn is then a historical "state" of the beast that in past times as the dragons tail accumulated was seen as resembling lion, bear leopard etc,.. Now the tail has fully accumulated in the NT era we see the (death) beast from the sea resembles the dragon as does it's hellish counterpart that follows after as the scarlet beast.

This final state of the little horn (scarlet beast) is then judged to be a work of the dragon seen in the churches, and the beast from the sea with whom we confuse the scarlet beast has truly died - only the final little horn stage of the beast survives to leaven the near totally-dead or naked church. The beast from the sea may look similar but the commonality in appearance reveals the effort of the dragon that created it to make it in his own image, not the continuance of the beast from the sea. The little horn not only heals the deadly wound but is the last stage of the beast (of the fourth of Daniel's vision) that is permitted before the wrath of God is completed - this gives it it's dragon like appearance as the image, now that the leaven of the synagogue of satan has been worked though the whole lump.

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