This "second pass" of the book of revelation will contain a quick reference for the allegory and imagery in the book of revelation and it evolves into its application as the book continues on. The mathematical terms will be briefly touched upon, although a search of an online encyclopaedia such as Wikipedia could help to a great degree for the more purely mathematical terms such as "subgroup" etc.

There is very little in the way of ambiguity between the terms used with the imagery in the text; one should note that John was instructed to "seal not up the book" so as not to place his own authorship in the text but to preserve the vision and the original description in the manner it was intended. We would then find that correcting (sealing) the text with our own personal interpretation would affect the message, (thus placing our own authorship on it) which John was specifically instructed not to do.

Section One

Static Subgroups
A brief set of rules (of thumb) for constructing the seven cycles for multiplication upon an octal group that hold a particular subgroup static.

Spirits, Candlesticks And Stars
A shorter description of the mystery of the seven golden lampstands and the seven angels - also found is the representation of the seven churches through which the angel cycles. Revealed here is the case for the "right hand of God" to be the original octal or "sun" octal as from the text.

A Sharp And Two-Edged Sword
There are many mentions of the word "sword" in the text. We are first told that the sword comes out of the Lord's mouth - a clear association with the testimony of Christ. In truth, this testimony is to whether the believer is recognised by Christ as one of His own, one of the remnant, the elect. There can be no greater gift of God than to be called as one of His children, and to be welcomed as brethren to Christ. Unfortunately for the majority remaining in the churches, they are unable to hear the voice of the Lord and are not watching for the beast ready to exit the church - in waiting for a rapture that will never come they position themselves out of Jesus's earshot. Their oil will run out too fast, as their false doctrine will not save them.

The Lord's Bow, The Elders, The Four Beasts
The general case of the seven churches is found in the imagery of the rainbow. Also summarised are the twenty four elders and the four beasts found within and about the throne. The faces of the four beasts are posited as "watch" over the the mystery of iniquity.

The Book, The Lamb, The Right
A brief description of the seals on the book of life, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Lamb as slain before the throne with His seven eyes and seven horns as well as the right and left hands of God and the seven lamps of fire before the throne.

Octal Reversals, Alignments
A brief description of octal reversal observed on K4 subgroups of the right hand octal and the octal's singletons. - How the operation of addition is defined on K4 subgroups within their octal and also a description of the left hand's alignment with the right hand octal singletons.

Horses, Bows, Crowns, Swords And Balances
A reference for the imagery in the opening of the first three seals of revelation.

Death, Hell And The Earth
The last of the four seals has very rich detail below the surface - the rest of the revelation text expounds on the defeat of the rider of the horses: The information here further details the "man behind the curtain" of the church and its fornication with the beast.

Section Two

The Altar - Two Parts Cut Off
Where is the altar to be found in the throne room scene? It seems to have slipped into the vision of John and is referenced again and again. It is actually a mathematical "leap of faith" to include the altar upon which Christ is offered on the cross. Likewise it is nice to know that God exists from a perspective of infinite regression as we constructed our trinity model from Anselm's argument.

The Sun, Moon And Stars Of Heaven
A description of the definitions in mathematical allegory as sought out from the text of revelation. While these definitions are not immediately apparent from their first use by John, they have a clear meaning from the later uses of the terms in the book of revelation.

Mountains, Islands, Blood And Trees
Here is a run down of that which is represented by the elements of the title of this page,.. Also touched upon are the elements of the account of the sixth seal being opened. See the section proper for finer detail.

The Four Winds Of The Earth
A brief run down of the consequences of the left hand being opened up as the seals are also opened. The dialectic accumulates on several choices of unity: This frustrates the proper operation of the octal. The four winds that are held back are loosed; this has the consequence that the sea becomes "navigable".

The Blood Of The Lamb
There is actually another fully functional GF(4) field embedded within GF(8), other than the Lamb "as slain" (that does exist separately and apart from the octal with "life in Himself".) This other, fully functional GF(4) field will appear later at the judgment seat. We find it corresponds naturally to the one part remaining of this former "static K4 group" mentioned in the last three seals.

The Censer And Prayers Of The Saints
The scene of the censer and prayers of the saints is enigmatic: Why would there be a need for prayers to be rejected? The setting provides a "best guess" as to why the fire from the altar is used to turn these prayers back to the earth. We see that prayers are not necessarily answered, even those prayers for the unbeliever by the very elect.

Hail And Fire Mingled With Blood
Hail and fire crop up more times than one would expect: principally with the two witnesses. The right hand of God is most often referenced as "hot" and the left "cold". We see this obvious division from scripture, but the algebra also says the same thing from the text in allegorical imagery.

Section Three

The Third Part Of...
The third part of many things are destroyed or cursed in revelation, we actually have a different definition for these things in algebra. - We call it a "result" or a "product". Then we start to see greater spiritual depth to the trumpets than we would if we were simply assuming some literal fulfilment!

Voices, Thunderings, Lightnings And Earthquakes
It is possible to scan through revelation and forget that the imagery is included because the Lord intends for us to see meaning in it. Voices, thunders, lightning and earthquakes all have meaning - and show the consequences in heaven of the seals open: There is nothing unfair in these judgements issuing from God, rather we must understand the import of these terms without glossing over them.

Flying Through The Midst Of Heaven
It is astonishing how much detail can slip by as we scan through the book of revelation. In a single verse we see the depth of the algebra in describing the rock steady structure of heaven as juxtaposed with the attempts of man and satan to set up their own "image of god" as from their own selves with their own devices. Such efforts are antichrist and doomed.

The Bottomless Pit
The bottomless pit is simple enough to define, but it is much harder to imagine. As a dwelling place for demonic spirits we may only consider the denizens within described as alternative systems of fields to that of God, and possibly rings and groups as well. The complex and chaotic inter-relation of all these structures is very tangled overall. (Pandemonium?)

Smoke, Locusts, Green Things
The fifth trumpet is rich with imagery. Johns vision when correctly interpreted shows greater wealth in the specific terms used in the text. The command to the locusts not to hurt the earth, the green things or any tree is particularly in view here.

Tormented Five Months
We take a swift look at the fivefold nature of the structure of the locusts and precisely what is meant by "Death shall flee from them." Why would people go looking specifically for "Death" anyway?

The Appearance Of Locusts
A quick run through of the imagery used to describe the locusts as written by John. It is incredible that such accurate detail has indeed found its way to us through the centuries intact - clearly God can preserve His words.

Section Four

The Great River Euphrates
The Euphrates is a river flowing through Babylon. This interpretation actually ties together the serpent spirits seen in the text with the K4 ultrafilter as separate from the octal. What is agreed upon is not "God": (for both sides of the scales are lighter for excluding God in the dialectic) but an acceptance that the believer is willing to put their life on the line for Christ - so this spirit tests just that, we know it as "Death".

The Army Of The Horsemen
The appearance of the army of the horsemen is deduced from the text to align with the mathematics. The appearance of the serpents is as to agree on the death of Christ, but to diminish its meaning completely: - it is "taken off the table". These spirits do appear in some manner to agree with the sun octal, but under a completely different seven cycle. This is a furtherance of "antichrist".

And The Rest Of The Men
We see a segue between the army of the horsemen of "Death" and "Hell" and the completion of the mystery of God. In view is the leading up to the requirement for all men to repent - not just those in the churches, (although the angel of the church is the destination of the next passage.) When the seventh angel "sounds" the rest of Christ is in view - however the mystery of iniquity as birthed by the fifth and sixth trumpets is set up to take Christ's place.

The Little Book
The little book in the angel's hand is open (I.e. fully interpreted) but it does not logically entail everything that John is to see. The mystery of iniquity may be "explained" but it does not follow logically from the text interpreted thus far. Likewise we as John have a sweet taste of understanding but a bitter memory of the vision.

Power To Tread On Serpents And Scorpions
There is very little on this site about spiritual warfare, here is a little taster that will aid the believer in a simple to understand manner. But buyer beware, you had better be sure that God will defend you rather than your enemy!

The Reed, Rod and Temple
The theory of Extension fields or "Galois Fields" (hence the "GF(...)")was discovered in the 19th century by a young yet brilliant mathematician called Galois - yet there is evidence in the text that John had some algebraic understanding of them! This page follows nicely after the subject of "the little book". God does indeed preserve His words, and makes sure the vision of John's writing.

Witnesses And Olive Trees
Taking another look at the two witnesses, and at the angel's circuit from which they testify the efficacy of the kingdom of God. The length of their ministry is determined, as well as the nature of their attacks and defence as towards defeating the dialectic methods of the dragon.

Rain, Waters Into Blood, Plagues On The Earth
The two witnesses have a great bag of tricks for defeating the use of the dialectic. As two witnesses working together in the Holy Spirit they accomplish far more than any man may do so on his own, (excepting God in Christ, of course!) They even have the ability to stamp the dragon's lies into the dust. Hallelujah!

Section Five

The Beast That Ascendeth
We tackle a brief look at the beast that needs to ascend out of the bottomless pit in order to form the "Hell" which follows after "Death". Also, we look at the property that would permit an entity to fulfil the role.

Overcome -The Great City
The opposition of the dialectic devices of the dragon's tail to the spirit of God is shown in this special case to be ineffective: (Although that is for another page.) The nature of the "overcoming" of the two witnesses is shown and the three and one half days they lie dead in the street of the city.

The Spirit of Life, Clouds And An Earthquake
We take a look at the spirit of Christ in the resurrection that is hidden behind a "cloud" here as if it were a mystery. The result is that the outward appearance of the witnesses coming back to life is actually the work of Christ's spirit living within them.

The Tenth Part
The device of the key to the bottomless pit is ineffective in countering the spirit of God over His creation. There is no structure in the pit that can close the open door of Christ left by God to His elect. One tenth of the elements of S5 are in fact beneficial to the spirit of grace, and show an escape route. This is in fact, a "shown false by counterexample" proof.

The Kingdoms Of Our Lord
After the arrival of the rest of the seventh trumpet God's redemptive work has finished; upon the completion of His saving work completed on the cross. Now the last days are in effect as the wrath of God arrives. When there is no one left to redeem, and grace continues only on the elect: we will expect God's work to continue across His whole creation.

Wonders In Heaven
This page reveals the imagery used in the passage on the woman and the dragon, as a recapitulation of the seals and trumpets. The text reveals the dragon as "the man behind the curtain". Terms expounded upon include the woman, sun, moon, stars, dragon, horns, heads, eagles wings, wilderness, deliverance, flood and remnant.

The Beast Risen Up From The Sea
The first beast of revelation is the amalgam of the three empires that preceded it in history. Whereas it existed before the fall of the three, this system of government has been subverted and remoulded into the form that the dragon has desired. In doing so it must be acknowledged that the beast is a physical instantiation of a template of the dragon's jealousy. The heads on the beast are a result of this jealousy acting upon the church with the lessons satan has learned since creation as to how to serve this evil desire.

Section Six

Worshipping The Dragon
This page describes the manner in which the beast is worshipped and followed after by the whole world. The first beast anchors the churches that are incorporated by it in a vast falling away, the result of incorporation is described here.

The Beast Coming Up Out Of The Earth
The beast coming up out of the earth is also called the false prophet and is the bringer of the image to the beast - a counterfeit Christ is pat of this blueprint. The mark of the beast is passed along from church to church before anyone can spot its arrival; the consensus travels too fast for minds asleep in the pews to notice.

The Last Trumpet
The three serpent spirits that align with the last three trumpets are overcome in the angel's circuit by exiting sardis. The image, the mark and the devices of satan are shown to be ineffective against those that follow after God.

Six Hundred Threescore And Six
The number of the beast is given a thorough analysis, and there is made some effort to align the numbering of the image as 660+6 to the behold a pale horse sum totalling 666. We see the revelation of some wisdom as to the mark of the beast here.

The Mark, Number And Name Of The Beast
A brief recap on the number, name and mark of revelation fame: They are already present in the world and the consequences of the realisation of this are truly shocking. There is so little time left before the final sequences of events in the prophecy are to be loosed upon the earth. Jesus "sent His angel" to testify to these things within the churches: The result that the churches are so wholly infected with these satanic devices is enough to break the heart, it will bring the end.

Stood On Mount Zion
The passage concerning the rest at the end of the seals, thunders and trumpets is examined here - the tabernacle of God is with His people. In a spiritual sense we dwell with Christ in heavenly places already, and the ungodly are to receive fully the wrath of God.

The Harvest Of Sharp Sickles
The passage on the harvest of the earth is separated into that of the elect and the sadly damned. Before the Lord wipes every tear from the eyes of His people He gives a clue as to the extent of His wrath and those whom are trodden in the winepress.

The Temple Filled With Smoke
The scene of the angels exiting the temple with the seven last plagues is taken a look at here. There is a reference to the trinity as vectors and the setting of the judgement when only those in Christ are preserved and a new heaven and new Earth is to be formed.

Section Seven

The First Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of he first vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Second Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of the second vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Third Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of the third vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Fourth Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of the fourth vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Fifth Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of the fifth vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Sixth Vial Of Wrath
The imagery of the sixth vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

The Rest Of The Wrath
The interlude leading up to, as well as the imagery of the seventh vial of wrath is interpreted in this page.

Section Eight

Divided Into Three Parts
The effects of the seventh vial (of rest) aligned with the seventh seal and trump, as well as the completion of the wrath of God is interpreted here in this page. Much of this has gone before in previous content, so there is actually not much new here.

The Judgement Of Babylon
The nature of the scarlet beast is discussed - and the woman riding the beast with it, the woman is revealed as the false prophet as well as the church as it is morphed into the synagogue of satan.

The Beast That Was, And Is Not
The beast that "was and is not" is separate in the text to the beast that "yet is". Although the beast "that was" has a deadly wound it is not without its effect - the tares in the end time church love the deeds of their father the dragon because they are evil.

The Beast Dissected
The seven heads or churches and kingdoms of the beast that was are discussed and shown to be equivocated with the presence of false doctrine in the leavening process - the dialogue to consensus or the mark is shown to be the reason for the judgement of the woman.

The Beast Rebooted
The image of the ten kings is discussed and the judgement of the woman is coincident with the exit of the believers - this is sped along by the leavening process.

Babylon The Great Is Fallen
The angel of the church that has overcome Laodicea is in view again here: it is certain that the city of Babylon will burn, and the text instructs all those who obey God to be separate. The plagues that arrive on her surround all those whom have commerce with her - they are victims also.

Death, Mourning And Famine
The casting down of Babylon may be aligned with the last day, and is the basis of satans jealous work being destroyed. All those whom are intertwined with the city come under the plagues of death, mourning and famine, the result is that only the elect survive - no others can or shall.

Section Nine

It Is Done
The completion of the wrath concludes not just one heptad but all three, seals and trumpets included. (and also thunders, remember so actually four.) The resurrection (which is the final rest preserved for the children of God) occurs at the end of the last three seals with the trumpets as the sequence (fifth seal) by the Father, and the wrath (sixth seal) as by the Holy Spirit, completely finished with the work of Christ in the resurrection as the seventh of each sequence. Timing then is not a matter of whom is last, but whom is least.

The Sabbath Continues After The Wrath
The rest period at the end of the wrath is shown to correspond in a stutter step to the end of the seals, thunders and trumpets as described in the six, seven, eight cycle.

The Word Of God
The template description of the Word of God at the battle of Armageddon is examined along with the judgement of the great city of Babylon - it happens in one hour as with the fulfilment of the angels circuit.

Predestination And Deliverance
The millennial reign of Christ is examined in a new amillennial manner along with the mathematical results of the judgement of the great city that would be Jerusalem. Predestination in grace is shown to be referenced here in a manner harmonious to the epistles of Paul.

The Last Day
The Gog - Magog spiritual battle is revealed in this passage as the arrival of the final judgement of God upon all antichrist. The judgement of the spiritually elect and the dead are described - leaving no doubt as to the power of redemption.

Burn In Hell?
The Bible as can be told truly, has been misinterpreted for centuries. I do not expect the notion of hell to be any different. The imagery has been seized upon by corrupt religion to retain a semblance of power since the time of Christ. Whilst Christ's own words on the man trapped in Gehenna spring to mind, there is no sense other than the man is then or has become "Waste" or "refuse". God takes His share and the rest are given only the image to worship. (Now closed as the "lake of fire") In that system they have no access to God or His throne. However the imagery does not support the burning of trapped humans in torment. Rather, their "worm cannot die". They are never to know the gifts of God no matter how high they reach.

The Tabernacle Of God With Men
The setting for the eternal reward of the saints is given in a picture of the Father surrounding the GF(4) ultrafilter - in effect a new heaven and new earth within which they will live with God forever.

The City Descends
The city is shown to fill the creation of God after the judgement - the symmetry of the body of Christ is so as to prevent any upper-class or super-caste of one people or nation over another - there is also the references to the lively stones of the temple, as the foundations of the city and the walls built by the completed doctrine of the gospel testified to by God's elect.

The Final Word
The last description of the bride is of the tree of life and the healing Holy Spirit issuing from the throne of Godly rest.

Sayings Faithful And True
Jesus confirms His will to John as revealed in the pages of the revelation he has written. The words are exactly correct - no attempt to improve upon or refine them are to be made. Jesus promises are truth, and are set in place and testified to completely.

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