The Third Vial Of Wrath

The third angel pours out his vial on the rivers and fountains of waters and they become as blood. The rivers are the waters of the various C7 groups and the fountains of waters presumeably their generators (not identity) elements. Every octal in the sea with its non-identity elements in multiplication become as one (intersection) Every element not unity and at rest is separated from every identity element.

In this, the two parts cut off in the static subgroup are now included in the winepress. The intersection of the K4 and GF(8) ultrafilters is unity, and the sealed 144,000 are in receipt of proper election and are at sabbath rest in Christ's K4 filter. (The judgement is not yet! Here is evidence of the stutter step of the page concerning "the harvest by sharp sickles"). The completeness of this judgement is between the saved and the not saved, the elect and the damned that require the tree of life but can not have it.

The non-identity elements of every seven cycle are separated from the sabbath rest of election. Every seven cycle becomes one of a intermingled class (as if blood) that is determined by its requirement to translate an element to rest (as identity elsewhere.) The angel has completed his circuit beforehand - and has overcome Laodicea whilst completing his obligation to Christ's philadelphia letter. The witnesses have confirmed its efficacy, and the woes are not so grievous to be overcome.

The angel of the waters confirms the dividing line, as the just judgements of everlasting God in form of the trinity's unique nature. The elements of the seven cycles which should be for fruits of the tree of life have been ignored by those that dwell in the sea: they are repaid with blood to drink - an image rather of God cutting them off from the tree of life they so desperately need to heal them.

Another voice confirms the just nature of His judgements - The "He" in view here is Jesus Christ - to whom all judgement is given, rather than the righteous nature of God the Father in choosing the dividing line between saved and not saved, the commandments.

The same saved elect have been treated violently in history by those that ignored the spirit of grace. The same two parts cut off are those that have attempted to seize upon their inheritance - as well as those that received not the love of the truth. That love is ministered to them in reproval by the true apostleship of the 144,000. They have put the truth to death as much as others have persecuted the sealed to death through history to eradicate them all, so leaving the vineyard for themselves.

In view then are the first two woes, those that consume away their inheritance in choosing their own path (locusts) and those that oppose and put to death the commandments of grace (and maybe also their bringer) in the office of serpents - those whom seize upon the inheritance of the saints. Both have a form of godliness but deny its power.

These two are said to be in collision: they are not cooperative but they do feed each other in the third woe. The construction of the city by these two agencies forms the last members of the wider laodicean conglomerate and synagogue of satan as the source of leaven that will evenutally leaven (become) the whole lump: They will never enter into the rest of Christ, so do not be deceived - they are to be counted for an enemy in Christ, do not give them the time of day or bid them godspeed.

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