This section deals with the sign of the woman and that of the dragon, the war in heaven and moves into the passages of the famous satanic beasts of revelation.

The Woman Clothed With The Sun
The possible dual fulfilment of this passage between the day of Christ and His ascension as well as a possible ascension of the angel of the church is examined here.

The Dragon
The dragon as a force of evil opposing God throughout the history of His people is explained in this page.

War In Heaven
If dual fulfillment of the "woman" passage is to be in view then the war in heaven lasts the entire length of the revelation scene: From the time of Christ to the last days we see that as Christ sits down to reign the dragon is cast out from Heaven. As Christ opens the seals the authority of the dragon is in decline - yet the trumpets allow him greater room to deceive. Finally when the angel overcomes the dragon has no influence over the sealed.

The Angel's Mechanism To Salvation

God's Sovereignty Questioned
The appearance of a "rapture" is given in the text and dual fulfilment between Christ and the least in the kingdom of heaven is examined. Dual fulfilment leads directly to a cause for "war in heaven". Without the rapture, the devil has no claim to resist God's second coming, and the rapture doctrine's widespread presence in the church has made the false prophet spirit dominant in the church today - the church is now clearly become the mouthpiece of satan.

Michael Fights Back With His Angels
Now it was suggested elsewhere on the site that the least in the kingdom of heaven is the servant of all if it may be shown so. In saving the least God (with the same mechanism) shows that there are no faults under the law of Moses that keep men from forgiveness through the grace offered in Christ. Likewise it is acceptable that although Jesus did not pay the price of selling ones soul (for any that may have) upon His cross, it is true that correct faith and the goodness and liberal grace offered by a good and loving creator is by far a better basis for the salvation of the whole flock of Christ. It leaves the enemy with nothing.

Time No Longer
One more trip down metaphysics lane, I play out a little more on the "least in the kingdom of heaven" as an identity for the angel of the church. The war in heaven over who owns sovereignty of the earth has only the one outcome - victory for God. What is not so certain is how the angel can hold firm to his salvation despite a possibly irredeemable fault. The truth of the situation may be laughable after all. Elsewhere on the site I stated "I know I have iniquity, because the Lord has tested me with it." It is not in us to direct our steps or claim to be perfect, only that we serve God in faith. We should not be surprised that satan misses and drops the ball occasionally!

The Dragon Defeated
The dragon has no argument against the mechanism of salvation - merely that the angel "does not qualify" for it. Logic has always been the tool of God rather than the deception of the world as seen without Him. The dragon has no place in heaven any more. He was cast out and the birth of the child is easy, even if the dragon attempts to disqualify all from salvation by devouring their faith early on. As faith matures, we see clearly as face to face, and rejoice when that which is perfect is come.

Jesus' Epistle To Satan
Jesus Himself has spoken to us concerning the angel, and we may see precisely how He may consider the claim of satan upon the least in the kingdom of heaven. In Ezekiel's 21st chapter the result of the wrath is shown and the final resurrection revealed as the work of Christ - the only thing that is remaining in the work of the gospel, The angel may freely go to the left or right, and is free and we may assume, at rest. Truly, the wicked prince of Israel (satan) is "taken with the hand".

The Flood From The Dragon
The dragon's mouth is the source of the flood - it is His mode of speech, both subtle and deceptive - a seduction to supplant the grace of God without the believer realising it. There is a great falling away.

The Beast From The Sea
The first beast is for many an enigma: but the history of Israel and current developments allow in these last days an accurate rendition of the imagery of this passage

The First Beast Explained
With a few images and a stern warning for the state of Israel to be separated in identity from the synagogue of satan, we see the beast take shape from its constituent parts. Synagogue is a term similar to "assembly" from which we use the term "church", but is used to denote that it is not of Christ as His "assembly" is.

The Beast Come Up From The Earth
The false prophet (this beast) is shown to have two main strengths: Israel and the Image. It is the Image that takes the place of Israel as a second step in the process that is the device of this beast. Firstly Israel is the much maligned secular state upon whom the synagogue of satan latch on to, then the image takes the place of the Israeli state in a subsequent religious leavened christian setting to leaven the churches with the false doctrine of said synagogue.

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