The 1290 days - The Abomination

The other significant number at the end of the passage of the kings of the north and south is 1290, given in the verse:

Dan 12:11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. (KJV)

What is not self evident is whether the taking away of the daily sacrifice is due to the little horn of the he-goat vision or with or even after Christ - . Either it seems, could qualify, (were it not that the sanctuary is cleansed after 2300 days from the time the sacrifice is taken away - which in the text is clearly fulfilled with Christ.) We would then expect that 2300 days includes the 1290 days completely, or if the sacrifice is caused to cease after messiah - we would expect the abomination to come at the time of the end.

We have however already done the work of calculation required in constructing the two 666 sets - and it is to these that we turn our attention, albeit only to the octals in the centre.

In John's vision in revelation where he is given a reed like to a measuring rod (and commanded not to measure the court of the temple), it is stated that they (the gentiles) are given it (the court) to tread it underfoot for forty two months. We see that after the manner of the angels circuit:

a b d c f g e
c f g e a b d
d c f g e a b
b d c f g e a
g e a b d c f
f g e a b d c
e a b d c f g

There are seven columns generated by one seven cycle in rows upon one column. Each of these seven seven cycles has six non-unity elements. The unity element which is effectively the row, is a movement of rest between each of the seven cycles in each as columns.

We would assume then to have some 6*7 + 1 = 43 days in our calculations, where 1 is "unity" common to all cycles.. However these seven cycles are valid over a common octal (each cycle is valid for two octals - one octal is common to all eight cycles in the table). We may take the alternate octal to our generator (in the rows) and construct a system similar to it but based upon the different octal upon which the row was also valid, so that no column in either table shares the same octal as a column from the other. (Only the generator in the rows shares the same pair of octals.)

a e g f c d b
e g f c d b a
c d b a e g f
f c d b a e g
g f c d b a e
b a e g f c d
d b a e g f c

suffices nicely.

So, our "rest element" we used to generate our columns' top row (our angel in his circuit) is dependent up to order only, and then the table as it stands is dependent only upon the choice of octal common to the rows of both tables, and choice of seven cycle upon it.

Then we have 30 octals to choose from, and 42 elements in columns plus one single "rest element" of unity. We could and should argue that in some sense the row transforms the octal to itself as some form of identity but it is unclear as to how to define it as such. For the meantime though, we simply state that (42 + 1)*30 = 1290.

Each of the thirty octals may take the role of the rows between our left handed and right handed sets: and there are clearly 43 elements in view: The eighth (in rows) seven cycle appears to be completely absorbed in generating the columns: equating say - this element of one group to that of another. The shifting identity renders the description of seven cycles insufficient. Perhaps this is what is so special about them, I do not know!

In any case, the factor of thirty is clear when related to the octal that is shared in the rows of each table, the factor of 43 is ascertained by the inclusion of the rest element. The assumption that there is some hidden octal not in the revelation text is only a passing quandary - as the angel's circuit is not trampled underfoot in the outer court as in the revelation text.

So, as to timing - to whether the sacrifice is taken away by the little horn of the he-goat or ceased after Christ; we may guess that the abomination that makes desolate is the instant when the system of the image is set up in revelation. Then the kingdom will be likened to ten virgins as Christ taught, and the full measure of grace - of the 43 elements over 30 octals is then strictly limited to only the rest element in Christ for those exeunt in Philadelphia.

Prior to the end, before which the parable of the ten virgins applies, the kingdom of God may be likened to 1290 days, but then in the end to merely one set of eight C7 cycles with the same parable. The openness of the system in 43 "months" is a measure of the full freedom of worship common to all in the kingdom of God. If this was not a time reckoned of grace - and was a time where there was no sacrifice and no worship then as every possible element is accounted for in the 1290, there could be no people of God in any act of worship (And because unity is included, not in heaven either.).

Conversely - we may also assume that this is only a consequence for one choice of unity with one choice of generator as a row from the eight possible C7 groups over each octal. We may state that we can choose in our rows seven elements each one from a different multiplicative group over an octal. Then, one column of seven in every table is made "desolate". It becomes as

a d c e g f b
b a d c e g f
d c e g f b a
c e g f b a d
f b a d c e g
g f b a d c e
e g f b a d c

Then the leftmost column which previously was our "row" is as an element that does not correspond to unity and must be able to be "overcome" as if by the angels circuit in our new top row. Overcome in its six elements in the same manner as in revelation. I.e. the left most column is "made desolate" and only unity is left sanctified. Switching a row to a column (if that row is desolate) must then strike out a column: Yet the rest in God must be preserved. If there is now no rest in one column, the singletons in every column are "desolated". (They are all in alignment.)

All we have done is switch from one octal in the row at the top to another within the alternate hand within our domain of 30 octals: We can then not remove all of the 1260 days of the two witnesses' ministry unless we strike out every column and keep only the angel's circuit in "rest" as a "wise virgin". (We would then lose our factor of thirty octals in doing so, reaching only two as witnesses.) Striking out a row as if it were desolate (unclean or such) does not then fit in with the measure of grace and freedom in Christ found in the measurement of 1290 days. Grace, and therefore Christ, must come before it.

So clearly the abomination that makes desolate is somewhat more complete in the time of the end than in this period of 1290 days, when all seven columns must be "overcome". Rather we conclude that the sacrifice is taken away after Christ, and the abomination set up is the instantiation of the beast, its mark and the setting up of it's image with the number of it's name.

So clearly then we have to make sure that the text - when it mentions it - is clearly placed to indicate the abomination set up with the instantiation of the image, and not as some might say with the continuation of the daily sacrifice after Christ, or with the setting up of the dome of the rock - or indeed with Antiochus IV's spilling pig's blood on the altar of the temple. It is shown then that the abomination is set up clearly in the NT time-line at the time of the end, with the great tribulation.

In the text the ships of chittim come against the king of the north and arms stand up on his part. The text states they will take away the daily sacrifice and that "they shall place the abomination". It does not say that this is done immediately - in fact it takes centuries to occur - but the players are the very same. It is the construction of the four NT kingdoms of Daniels vision culminating in the beast with iron teeth with which this abomination is made. When the abomination is placed - then the daily sacrifice (of mapping each non-unity element to the identity in our seven columns) is clearly taken away, and the command to exit the laodicean conglomerate is in effect.

Then there is no "almost placed" abomination - once one seven cycle is struck out all are likewise; except for the identity element which we see is the result of overcoming by the letter to laodicea.

We then have an answer, that there is a conspiracy that lasts many years, from the "coming of the ships of chittim" to the placing of the abomination. The daily sacrifice taken away is then made after the coming of Christ - and is not as the former with the grecian rule over Jerusalem. The only daily sacrifice as made in Christ is the continual washing of redemption, mapping the believer onto the rest element, (although it may be floating.) We would expect there to be a clear event where a floating unity is prevented - or that the sequence of the seals is somehow involved - the clue in the text that this is yet for a "time, times and half a time" would appear to indicate this is a matter of the seals. (That the static K4 subgroup is not free to cycle.)

The taking away of the daily sacrifice occurs with the polluting of the sanctuary of strength - we are not told how long the gap in time is between these three events, perhaps these last two are also separated by a "large gap". We expect an alternate gospel that removes from the believer the access to God in Christ - to boldly approach God, as well as removing the redemption in the gospel; finally culminating with the universal incorporation of christian religious practice. We could likewise place all three in one event, as long as the full measure of grace is in place for the believer to the account of the 1290 days.

All we may be sure of is that although this alternate gospel occurs alongside the true gospel's practice - the grace of God will not alter over those worshippers of God that do so in spirit and in truth until the abomination is set up - which we may place coincident with the commandment of Christ calling out all of His followers from the Church at the end. We may assume the abomination is equivalent to "the mark".

The numbering to 666 is alongside every set of octals that is not in alignment to the reference or "sun octal" of our construction. This ensures there is one whole octal free in all it's subgroups under multiplication by eight C7 groups untouched by the 666 system on either left or right hand. We may recover the 42+1 months on this one octal, and because there is indeed a "sea of glass" as we see in the revelation account of the treading of the winepress, then all grace is complete in this measure of one octal repeated 30 times over in alignment as "the way of the kings of the east".

The 43 months is an ideal measurement of grace; (as 1290 days) and since the grace is full and complete, there is no place for those without grace in Christ, leaving only God's wrath poured out upon those that have their place in the 666 systems to the left and right.

The period of 1290 days, is then the length of time in abstraction (or heaven) between the setting up of the image system of the Church and the last day when the judgement sits. Every possible call to repentance we may assume, is made.

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