The closing chapters of revelation detail the inheritance of the saints and Jesus' exhortation to John to keep the words of this book as is. It is a marvel that the accuracy of the text in agreeing with the trinity model is still intact. God surely preserves His words.

A New Earth
Jesus makes everything new - whether there is a new planet for us to live on or a repairing of the old one - there is now no one left outside the temple of God, every believer has access to the sabbath rest in Christ. This requires a little consideration of the "remaining places" filled in the octal. (The 144,000 are shown to have their inheritance within the K4 ultrafilter.)

The River Of Life
Each state of the octal can be mapped onto the identity, (except for the identity which needs no such map) as from 6 elements. Across an octal pair we have twelve fruits of the tree of life. Every octal in the sea is valid now as isomorphic - no one leaves the inheritance of God. The fruits of the tree are for healing into this rest.

The Final Promises
Jesus swears by His own name that the words of this prophecy are true. At every opportunity I have examined the "time periods" in the text and have found them to not refer in any way to chronological periods. Indeed, Christ comes quickly.

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