This section examines the remaining three trumpets, the angel and the two witnesses. There is again a significance between the number of the army of the sixth trumpet and the angel and the seven candlesticks. We also have a system numbered to 660 that we may form from the fifth and sixth trumpets. Together with the dragon's tail we may begin to perceive the building blocks of the image to the beast as set up by the false prophet.

The Fifth Tumpet
Here is an examination of the locusts or "scorpions" of the fifth trumpet: Together with their angel of the pit Abbadon.

The Sixth Trumpet.
Now we examine the interruption to the octal caused by the formation of an alternate octal by the transposition of two elements. The sixth trumpet army is numbered to oppose the angel.

Why Serpents, Why Not Just Scorpions?
There is a good reason why the locusts and serpents are separate entities. In order to more effectively dissuade the elect from God's spirit the serpents are required to form transpositions - it is a prerequisite of the image to the beast.

Seven Angels And Seven Candlesticks
The number of possible paths through which the angel may overcome is numbered to be the same as that of the horsemen of the sixth trumpet.

The Angel Of The Church
The seven thunders of the angel's completed route are linked to this mighty angel - and a little book is given John.

On The Earth And Sea
The angel of the church is examined in light of the earth and sea and the three beasts in revelation - not under a microscope as elsewhere but in a macroscopic view. The devices of the dragon slide into view whenever the lens is drawn back from the slide. We begin to uncover the bigger picture in view - as also the revelation then shows when we read more than statement by statement, line by line.

Witnesses To Left And Right
This page is more a summary and drawing together of a few threads in revelation and across the site (from the metaphysics and creationism area.) I write this page knowing that there is even comfort for those that have no Christian fellowship yet have the spirit of grace from Christ enough to leave the church and join the remnant, even if of oneself only.

The Two Witnesses
These servants of God are "The Branch" as like to Christ. We see that the two witnesses prophesy for a period equal to the number of the symmetries of the angels route but across the whole sea of 30 octals.

The Trumpets Rest
The rest period of the seventh trumpet is brief in the text: but with it the pouring out of God's wrath it is completed - upon whom, we shall see later.

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