2 Timothy Chapter 3

Paul warns that in the last days during great tribulation (v12) men will come showing conduct that totally opposes the will of God for His people's behaviour. (v2-v4) That, while not having all of those vile qualities, certainly deny the power of God by their lack of obedience by not showing the good behaviour that is their opposite in the gospel. (v5) - Paul states to turn away from such as show these things already. For those that show only a fraction of the godliness of Christ's calling creep into fellowships and lead away the easily convinced of heart (silly women) laden with sins, leading them away from the truth with lusts they do not understand fully; (v6) that they be ever learning vain teachings and not coming into the fullness of the understanding of the truth. (v7) For God sends them strong delusion.

Now, even as the egyptian magicians withstood Moses before pharaoh, so do men such as these teachers withstand the truth of the gospel. (As men of sin, sons of perdition) men of corrupt minds - reprobates of the gospel. (v8) But they shall not inherit eternal life, for their folly will openly be shown to be false - as theirs (the egyptian magicians) also was. (Destroyed by the truth spoken out and by the brightness of the Lord's coming.) (v9)

But Timothy has now received the entirety of Paul's doctrine, his manner of obedience, his ministry and the fruits of the Spirit. (v10) as well as how he has suffered for the cause of the gospel, from which the Lord delivered him through them all. (v11) All who obey Christ shall suffer persecution - even those obedient at the end will be buffetted as by a thorn in the flesh, a minister of satan in strength to oppose them. (v12) But evil men and seducers of those weak in heart, departing from the faith will become worse and worse with the closeness of the Lord's coming, deceiving and themselves being deceived. (v13) (For the decievers are themselves deceived.)

Paul commands Timothy to continue in the knowledge of these revelations, and of the proof, and to remember him of whom he had learned them. (Paul and as by implication Christ.) (v14) Remembering how Timothy had known the scriptures from his infancy upward, which can make any man wise to attain the salvation by election of grace upon obedient faith in Jesus Christ. (v15) For all scripture has its proper uses, that every man could be perfectly obedient in holding to the truth in order to be presented as blameless before God: as will be those who have accounted themselves worthy of revealing the seal of the living God, for their faith in these last times. (v17) They have attained that principal element of the ultrafilter, and the love of the truth that they shall not relinquish it.

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