2 Corinthians Chapter 13

Paul is about to visit them a third time, (v1) stating that in the presence of two witnesses shall every word of accusation be established - He forewarns them that He has visited them twice and warns them that if he arrives a third time and finds them sinning he will not spare the use of his authority to correct them. (v2)

As a proof of that authority in Christ which is to preach the true gospel that he gave them in strength (v3) he recounts the central doctrines of the faith; that Christ in obedience to His Father died as if weak, was raised in strength; and God gifts eternal life to them in their weakness that they might also be alive with him through the grace of God given them. (v4)

Paul asks them to examine themselves to aid their need to repent (v5) - for unless they think they don't need to repent they are not reprobates. Paul trusts they know he is not reprobate (v6) - but he prays they repent and do no evil not so that they should approve of Paul himself, but that they should honestly be reconciled to God even if they treat Paul as a reprobate. (v7)

Paul can not do anything against the gospel he taught them - only towards its upheld standard amongst them (v8) - for they are glad when they are seemingly weak (as absent) and the believers are strong (v9) - which is their prayer; that their repentance and faith be perfected to the ends of eternal life by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore in his absence Paul commends them to their own trust rather than his own sharpness (v10) - So the apostolic authority to correct them would be done according to its nature; as to edifying their faith, and not destroying it.

Finally, Paul wishes them farewell, calls them to repent - be comforted by the Holy Spirit in one gospel without division and blesses them within that rest. (v11) He calls them to accept the brethren He sends them, (v12) gives greeting from other fellowships (v13) and closes with the trinity; grace by Christ; love from the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, (with them all.)

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