We continue our walk through the scriptures interpreting the gospel from the content generated by the metaphysics and metamath areas of this site. The gospel of grace in Jesus Christ has taken us thus far - we will see what is laid up in store for us as we go along!

Again, you will need an open bible to follow the text as I will not be including the verses themselves. Enjoy!

1 Timothy

Chapter One
I exmaine this chapter rather closely, reiterating much doctrine; but after the fashion that apostolic authority is not just engendered in correcting others to the truth, but by correct faith in the Spirit. Although any man that teaches the truth is certainly not doing Christ an injustice

Chapter Two
Paul has some commands for how believers should present themselves towards unbelievers, no matter what their personal situation should be.

Chapter Three
Paul gives Timothy commandment on how he should conform himself to the behaviour and sober judgement of a bishop, as he is being left at Ephesus to corect and ensure proper teaching of the gospel amongst the fellowships there.

Chapter Four
Paul gives commandments, not about meats, but about the goodness of teaching of both from the scriptures and of the thanksgiving due God for His grace. Paul commands Timothy to study and correct himself on any note of doctrine. In particular with reference to developing a spiritual gift, perhaps of revelation.

Chapter Five
Paul has some commandments concerning the proper treatment of elders and widows, and advice for Timothy in bringing sound judgement in matters of open dispute.

Chapter Six
Paul relates some well founded advice on slaves, christian masters, and the dangers of coveting earthly wealth when ultimately all are called in service of a greater master.

2 Timothy

Chapter One
Paul writes Timothy of his earnest desire to see himaghain in his imprisonment. Commending Timothy in the steadfast faith he shares with him, and prepares him to ready his gift of revelation to interpret the utmost end of a proof that Paul has been considering whilst in his bonds.

Chapter Two
Paul relates to Timothy the mystery which he asks him to consider within the truth of sound doctrine, not as after the manner of those who lead people away from the true gospel of grace in Jesus Christ. Having the seal of the living god as delivered to the church of revelation in philadelphia, the correctness of the gospel is shown to rest on the obedience of the person of Christ.

Chapter Three
Paul further extrapolates his proof to the situation of the last days. The seal of the living God will be opposed by all deceivableness of those who lead believers away from the correct doctrine received by the love of the truth as evidenced in them.

Chapter Four
Paul charges Timothy to have no common course with those that spread faulty doctrine - and gives him word of who stands fast with Him, and who has left him alone. With final instructions and greetings Paul closes this epistle (probably his last.)


Chapter One
Paul lays down some commandments to Titus concerning who is worthy to be appointed as an overseer of each fellowship of each city in Crete, and to hold fast the gospel from false teachers.

Chapter Two
Paul further expounds the nature of those who should be accepted as heads of the fellowships, showing the character, faith and obedience of Christ in their service of God and to each other. Paul also talks of the body of Christ as a preserved peculiar remnant of faith - a peculiar people.

Chapter Three
Paul teaches that the church be wise towards government - so as not to become under the power of men. He also expounds the service of Christ to us all by His own example that we are convinced of eternal life as long as we remain repentant under grace. Paul gives instruction concerning those that pervert the gospel.

Paul has converted a disgraced slave and writes to his former master to receive him and return him free again. Startling similarity to the ministry of Jesus Christ and reconciliation of believers to God is made through this letter - a work of love between equals rather than of entrapment; but with a sure end all the same.

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