1 Peter Chapter 5

Peter exhorts the elders by his credentials as being much loved by God in all grace (v1) - for elders to be of a ready and willing mind to serve out of charity and concern for their fellowships, rather than unwillingly or as an overseer seeking financial gain. (v2) Not as masters, but as examples of obedience fashioned after Christ's own (v3) So that when they are known saved at the coming of Christ they themselves might be glorified with Him as with all true believers: for theirs is the greatest responsibility to keep the preaching of sound doctrine pure. (v4) Likewise, younger overseers should submit to the elder as those others to Peter in the faith, rather than be puffed up in spiritual gifts, for charity does not work according to might of an individual, but grace works through the humble and obedient towards God. (v5)

Therefore they should be willing to be subject one to another in correction when it occurs, (v5) because if they do not submit to the truth of the gospel and the requirements of obedience, whilst falsely teaching, they will not be exalted with Christ at His coming. (v6) The ministry is therefore primarily God's own and lack or any want of theirs for the care of the brethren in the faith should be done to the respect of God (v8). God cares for them as much as the part of His people to whom He tends.

The devil seeks to devour whole fellowships by the mystery of iniquity - the subverting of the gospel by "G v p" statements and falsely derived gospels, to lead believers from the liberty due God's place and His sovereignty and closeness of law and person. It is through relationships with deep seated requirements for a God to fashion Himself after our same said personal requirements that satan attacks us. Fellowships can only resist by being steadfast and obedient in the one faith, the responsibility of teaching it is given purposely to these elders. They should be mindful then not to be presured by constraints or "filthy lucre" as these drive the majority of false doctrines, from ease or popular "G v p" statements.(v8)

We should resist such false doctrines with the same passion that other believers hold fast to their faith to the testing of their souls in requirement of obedience to death (v9) For it is our very eternal life - within which, when we are finally in receipt of it, we will be ensured of being made perfect, made sure of our salvation and settled in obedience and true faith - with the Lord's laws written on our hearts and minds. (v10) To God be the glory then, as His is the work through the Holy Spirit, and His is the Kingdom and the covenant. (v11)

Peter by proxy writes this letter assuring them that this is the true grace of God - that God's timeframe for repentance be of His own making, and not fashioned after immediacy of perfection at the point of death. (v12)

Exiting with greetings from the fellowship at Babylon, (v13) and with the simple merit of charity with which this epistle is written and brought by the brethren Peter blesses them with peace found in the grace of God as testated by Jesus Christ. (v14)

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