James Chapter 3

James opens with "be not many masters" - not the bearers of many different gospels, with different laws and different salvation, since there is one law and one master Jesus Christ. (different gospels engender different gods, and greater judgement against the believers.) (v1) In having many different teachings from many different factions, any of a great number of differing gospels are preached and damage is done to the unity of the faith, as well as to anyone new coming in to the faith (not receiving the true faith as it should be in Christ.) (v2) Any man that does not speak a different gospel has taught perfectly, and is able to control himself.

Controlling one's tongue, (that which one teaches as perfect before God) would move the whole assembly of believers, not just a faction. (v3,v4) But the tongue being small has a great effect and can cause great damage. (v5) Many different teachings from many different factions are the fault of tongues not under control. This is evil. (v6) Man has learned to tame wild beasts but not to bring his words under control. (v7,v8)

In spoken words God is both praised and also men cursed who are made in the likeness of God (v9) This should not be (v10) Where the praise of God is; there should be no cursing of any other (v11,v12)

The wise should show out of good works with humility the praise of God, and not merely out of the mouth in condemnation of others according to many different doctrines. (v13) One should not boast in different doctrines out of envy and division (v14) Because the wisdom that cleaves to one teaching (against many others) is worldly sensual wisdom, born of relationship to what is pleasing to the individual rather than that which is pleasing to God. (v15) For where there is division in the faith, there has the work of the devil been done. (v16)

But godly wisdom is pure in faith and towards others, in peace with all men, easily moved in charity, without bias or agenda. (v17) The fruits of godly behaviour are are shown by those that are godly. (v18)

Here we see the continuation of "G v p" statements in many different splittings of the believers into divided factions. We might consider the "p" part as "God is perfect in us, but not those others because I have decided." Also outward looking we could replace "p" with a "not q for them over there...". This division is also a faulty gospel. As in verse 2, if any man has the gospel he has brought himself under control. The dangers of strife and division from faulty teaching does much damage: but godliness is shown in those that show the fruits of it.

A single gospel should be self evident to all, steering the faith of all - building extra doctrine upon the gospel to split in division is the issue here, so it requires men to control what they teach.

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