Titus Chapter 2

Paul commands Titus that he speak only those things which are worthy of sound doctrine (as a subset of the exemplified faith and obedience in such true doctrine under the grace of God as shown by Christ) (v1) That all aged men be sober and just, wise in good doctrine, as if from Titus' conferred edification, taught and trained in charity to all, and patient with those of lesser faith. (So that the edification of all might abound to the greater fullness of the knowledge of God and His gospel.) (v2)

The women likewise, not accusing each other, not drinkers in revelry, but of good behaviour and teachers of good things to younger women (v3) that they likewise example the good behaviour of godliness after the fashion of Christ. (v4) to love their spouses as the bride of Christ loves Jesus and to love their children: To be trustworthy, faithful, showing good rule of the house, obedient to husbands; that the example of God be not blasphemed, not disputing the words of the men who have the rule over them as after the model of the authority of Christ to His body. (v5)

Paul commands that young men be likewise taught to be diligent to show sobriety (v6) and good behaviour displaying the proper faith as befits the gravity of obedience to their calling. (As a subset of Christ's faith and example containing that principal element of the ultrafilter - not accepting doctrine from another gospel; thus accepting a false Christ and a false God that requires a different requirement as of different sovereignty and not truly ministered to from grace under the Holy Spirit.) (v7) That they keep sound speech (and behaviour) when they example the gospel, that they may not be bringing disrepute amongst their fellowship - that any false teacher (as of chapter one) may be ashamed amongst them all, having no evil thing to say of any. (v8)

Paul teaches that servants should be taught also to be obedient to their masters and to please them so as to clothe all their service, (without theft or back-biting) as with the doctrine of Christ. For we are to serve Him as a master - so they show obedience to God in so doing. (v10) The gospel is not withheld from slaves, but has come to all men (v11) teaching that in denying the lusts of this world and its behaviour we can all live soberly, righteously and in godliness after the manner of Christ (By the training of the Holy Spirit's ministrations to us) in the present world. (v12) For Christ's faith implies that god is in liberty over us as to His requirements of law and from His sovereignty, as implied by the example of Christ His Son.

We can all be so obedient - looking forward with the earnest expectation that we will be with Him at His coming, (v13) We are called to serve each other, with the correcting of each other after the example of God, implying that our authority is under the authority of the correct doctrine of the Father to us. (Transfer of the principal element of the finite ultrafilter.)

Doctrine of Jesus Christ, who gave himself up to the Father in our place, that He would be the example by which the possibility is made manifest that all men can be saved under grace and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the charge of God. (v14) That God has reserved a righteous remnant from His old covenant people and has added in the faithful of the gentiles also, both seeking Him by faith and not by works, making himself a peculiar people distinguished by their same correct faith upon the Son's example, who gave himself in obedience to the Father as a servant to all. In emulation we can be very zealous of good works by the same example of service. Paul instructs Titus to teach of Christ's service and example. (v15)

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