Galatians Chapter 5

Paul straitly tells the galatians to stand in the liberty Christ has given them in the grace of God to their repentance. Do not seek the yoke of the whole law, when by the Spirit they are with liberty exercising their requirements from God. (v1) Paul tells them that if they are circumcised to keep the whole law they will gain nothing in Christ (v2) because a man must keep the whole law intact - (v3) If a man keep the law, then Christ has not benefited the man's liberty, and when the law is broken, it is broken in its entirety always. Thus becoming circumcised after having once been lawless makes a man in debt to the law, rather than free in Christ. Then in debt to the law there is no grace for the man. (v4)

For under grace by the ministration of the Holy Spirit we hope for our faith to be acceptable - and we hope that we are imputed righteousness by faith that we may be acceptable to God. (v5). For circumcision or not, the Holy Spirit works to make us upright in truth and obedient through His love, as likewise we are willing through faith to love God with a true show of faith. (v6)

Paul questions why at first they did so well to accept the gospel - who did hinder them for them to fall backward? (v7) This influence towards the bondage under the law does not come from God. (v8) A little pollution, both in doctrine and fellowship pollutes the holiness and uprightness of the whole. (v9) Paul hopes that they will be minded only to eradicate the guilty false teacher from their fellowship - and that he will leave altogether. (v10)

Of himself, Paul states that if he preaches circumcision and the keeping of the law, why do the jews persecute him so much? (v11) Were he to do so, there would be no offending argument from the gospel to his persecutors. He restates, that those that are seducing them with the law should be cut off from amongst them altogether. (v12) They indeed have been called in Christ to liberty, and in liberty they can keep the law, not of works but by simple love for each other - edifying and helping one another in service. (v13) For by doing so they fulfil the whole law. (v14)

Paul minds them from having divisions of strife amongst themselves (As had the corinthians) that will destroy their fellowship. (v15) But walk in the surety of the ministration of the Holy Spirit, and the bondage of sin will not entail its corrupting inheritance of a reprobate mind. (v16) These things oppose each other - a reprobate mind and the Holy Spirit, they are not present both in the same man at the same time. One opposes the action of the other. (v17) All the same, If a man is walking under the influence of the Holy Spirit, he is not under the law but is in liberty under grace instead. (v18)

Now, the "works of the flesh" or the products of a reprobate mind Paul lists, (v19-v21) (such as do them do not inherit the kingdom of God) comparing them to the fruits of a Spirit led life - against which there is no law, by which we can be assured of His influence. Those that are Christ's have put away the reprobate mind with the fulfillment of the law in the death of Christ; (v24) So we are not to walk in those ways - If we are indeed living in the Spirit, let us do those things that are not reprobate! (v25)

Paul finishes off the chapter by reminding them that they are under Christ and the Holy Spirit all, and the weaker in faith should not envy the stronger, (for some live to Christ; some others die for Christ) neither should they cause division or attempt to justify their own vain glory (I assume he means by merely works).(v26)

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