Titus Chapter 3

Paul further teaches Titus to teach the overseers to be subject to the powers of authority of the local system of government; to obey the charges of the magistrates; to do good work in government so that the people not be blamed as if caught in unlawful behaviour and brought under the power of men by slander. (To obey God but not to seek to bring themselves under the power of men - but to stand firm in freedom as much as is able in obedience foremost to God.) thus showing themselves fulfilling good godly works. (v1)

To slander no other man, to be not violent towards others, but gentle showing meekness to all men - (not to bring themselves under the power and condemnation of the state. - Being truly wise as serpents and harmless as doves.) (v2) For Paul attests that they all were once disobedient, conforming to the fashion of this world, (v3) but after the coming and faith of Christ was revealed to them all; (v4) not appointing them to good works of themselves, but according to the forgiveness of sins extended them under grace. (Within which the requirements of repentance are ministered by the Holy Spirit) - That is, that every thought be led into captivity under the grace of God (to their forgiveness) after the manner of Christ's example. For He fulfilled all the law and is blameless before God. (v5)

So that every requirement of repentance for all sin be rewarded with greater forgiveness and abundance by the Holy Ghost to all them that believe on Christ and show the fruits of the Spirit in that repentance. (v6) That then being accepted as certainly blameless before God even as Christ is; by the election of grace we might inherit our eternal life. (v7) This teaching is true, Paul affirms. (v8) and commands that Titus affirm this constantly that all those that believe on Christ might be persuaded to perform good works - those works which are truly profitable to men.

Paul commands Titus to be wary of foolish questions and genealogies - which lead astray from the truth of the scriptures and the grace shown by Christ., as well as oppositions to the gospel and vigorous disputes over the old testament law, for these two things are unprofitable and are only vain. (v9) A man that is disobedient in both these requirements should be rejected as being an overseer - (and from the fellowship) Knowing that the man has had his faith made into no faith of the gospel by the first, and sins by blaspheming the correction of the Holy Spirit before others by the second. (v11)

Paul will soon send fellow labourers to help: (v12) and then asks their relief to be returned by Titus coming to Paul at Nicopolis, where He is spending the winter. He asks him to provide for the needs of two other brethren who are journeying past Crete, (v13) as well as for the needs of the brethren he sends himself (v14) For charitable giving to the brethren concerned with apostolic work is good work credited to believers as if they were labouring in the growth of new fellowships themselves. He finally gives greeting from his company, asking them to pass on his greetings to all who know him in the faith. Finaly blesses them with grace, and closes the letter.

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