1 Timothy Chapter 2

Paul has some commandments and requirements for Timothy. He commands that Timothy show prayer in all manner of godliness to all men without exception, (v1) as well as those who are in power and authority, that the answering may lead to the believers having a peaceful life to pursue the ends of the gospel. (v2) For this is good, acceptable to God who would see all men saved, (without exception) (v4) and to be in receipt of the gospel - without its limitations by those in power. There is only one God, one correct faith upon one mediator - Jesus Christ, (v5) who gave himself as a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. (Paul doesn't state why "ransom" here yet.) (v6)

Paul is of Christ a preacher; and has the authority to correct the faith of any other as an apostle: (He speaks the truth) - a teacher of the gentiles from Israel in all faith and truth. (v7) It would appear that this epistle is less a personal letter to Timothy and is more a letter of commendation for Timothy to show he has been appointed an apostle over them by Paul's own commission by the Holy Spirit.

Paul commands that men pray everywhere, without shame, lifting not their own hands but the hands of God in every need. (v8) as in or of innocent requirement, not as guilty. Similarly, to maintain good conduct and outward appearance of humility; that women do not adorn themselves in costly clothing, (v9) but clothe themselves with good works. (v10) In doing this, Paul maintains that the body of believers be not a "renowned sect", but wherever they are they appear as of the people to whatever people they dwell amongst. This not only works to their safety but to their appeal as a real and faithful people of God.

Paul exhorts the women to learn in subjection to the male teachers of God's word and the gospel, (v11) not to have the authority to correct any of the men who lead the fellowship as apostles or disciples, but to be in silence, after the pattern of Christ to His bride, who is apart from Him in the wider fellowship of the Holy Spirit. (v12) Also, after the model of Adam, who was formed first, then Eve. And Adam, not being deceived likewise as by the easy nature of Eve's heart, which had caused her to be deceived, and who was the transgressor. (v13) Although she may be forgiven this restriction in correcting her children so that they continue in the faith with godly behaviour, sober in manner. (v15)

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