1 Timothy Chapter 3

Paul has some strict criteria for whom may be eligible for the post of a bishop, the head of a fellowship in a city. If any man desire such position, he desires a good work - and must be a suitable man for continuing the work well. (v1) He must be blameless, and concerned with the things of God, vigilant, watchful, careful, well behaved and given to welcoming new believers whom he is also able to teach. (v2)

He must show no poor behaviour, but must be patient (v4) and must keep his own household well, having children respecting and obeying him, as he should care for the fellowship after the same manner he shows over his own children - sometimes severe, often just. (v5) He should not be a new believer, but be well versed in doctrine, unless he stumble and shame all. (v6) Moreover he must be of good report to unbelievers unless he become famously disliked and become a burdensome trap for the faithful. (v7).

Likewise overseers of fellowships must be serious, mild mannered and honest with money. Holding the mystery of faith, (towards their salvation under the grace of the Holy Spirit's ministrations to conform to Christ) in a pure conscience - taking every thought captive to the cross of Christ. (The utmost obedience) (v9) Their wives must be likewise similar. Also Paul commands that the overseers (deacons) have but one wife, to be mindful of the things of God, not only mindful upon their families, which they must also display good judgement over. (v12) Those that do the position of deacon justice have attained a measure of respect and have much furthered the teaching of the gospel in Jesus Christ. (v13)

Paul commands all these things in the hope he soon visits (v14), but if he is delayed, he wrote so that Timothy might know how he Himself ought to behave within the wider fellowship, which is the people of God and the supporter and receiver of the truth of Christ on earth. (v15) The knowledge of the truth that is entrusted to the body of Christ to keep and maintain is a great thing, God was here in Jesus Christ; shown to be God by mighty works of the Spirit - seen of angels (apostles) preached to all the world and received to the throne of God by the Father, in giving Him all judgement.(v16)

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