2 Corinthians Chapter 6

The grace of God then is conditional, (v1) resting on the diligence (v2) of the believer to repent and obey the training of the Holy Spirit towards that new creation of the Lord which is the born again believer. Not to give any bad report of the gospel (v3) before others. (i.e. the slander of "let us do evil that good may come") Enduring patiently all troubles (v4,v5) in sure hope of eternal life, with good behaviour (v6) under the direction of the Holy Spirit; on a correct path (v7) taking the opportunity by every situation that presents itself to remain true to the teachings of Christ (v8-v10)

Therefore Paul with great openness (v11) advises them that Paul does not need to point out their faults - they know them through the ministering of both Paul and the Holy Spirit already (v12). Paul does not feel the pain of correction over their faults, they do instead. Whilst advising them to be open with their faith, (v13) Paul exhorts them to beware of relationships with unbelievers (v14) and those that are not diligent in obeying God; being those that have received grace in vain - polluting the holiness of Christ's body.(v15,v16)

For God has made the believers into His people Israel, not after their own physical relationships but by the election of His grace. Then as Christ's body is the Israel of God, they are commanded to be separate from those that would pollute the temple of God (v17) to the end that the whole of the body of Christ would be Holy, and the whole of the world outside the body of Christ would be cut off. There is no middle ground, therefore to be accepted by God is to be separate. Then the heirs to God's kingdom in Christ are in obedience to their Father's authority only and not yoked unequally with unbelievers in other covenants after the character of impure men. (v18)

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