3 John

John greets the recipient Gaius, to whom he writes he ministers the gospel (v1) praying he hopes his outward efforts are rewarded and he be in good health, even as his soul is growing in faith inwardly. (v2) John has heard good report of Gaius' faith and charity towards others (v3). John has no greater joy than to learn that faith is put into action in love towards others. (v4)

John encourages Gaius to accept travellers who minister the gospel on their way, (v5) The brethren report good things of his love and acceptance of them before other believers, and if Gaius send them onward in a godly manner he will have done well. (v6) (Because they go on their journeying for the sake of bringing the gospel to the gentiles, to present it to them without cost - so that it might be more readily accepted as free from God, not being burdernsome to new converts. (v6)) In doing support to their ministry monetarily, (in contrast to 1 John) one becomes partaker of the reward of new converts - an eternal spiritual gift that is better magnified in multitude by God for the gospel's freely given nature. (v8) And, the worker is worthy of his hire.

John had written to Gaius' fellowship to their elder, but was not received by Diotrephes, who would not accept one more an elder than himself. (v9) If John visits then he will remember that fact - even that Diotrephes speaks against the apostles and will not accept passing brethren that further the gospel, preventing those that would also, expelling them from the church there. (v10)

John writes for Gaius not to be a partaker of Diotrephes' fellowship, Diotrephes he calls a worker of evil and not of God (v11) and that Gaius should rather have fellowship with workers of God, then John suggests the fellowship headed by a Demetrius as a suitable fellowship to transfer to - so that Gaius might do well with charity to accept brethren on their journeys and to further their doing well also. Then, he will not be cast out from the fellowship of Diotrephes. If he does so join Demetrius, he will do well. (v12)

John has much to teach, but will not write here (v13) but will hope to meet Gauis shortly face to face. Blessing him with peace (to be found in obeying John's missive) with greetings John finishes instructing him to greet the brethren by name.

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