Romans Chapter Six

So then, shall we continue to sin and do wrong so that grace may be extended even more fully, that God be all the more glorified? (v1) No, because we chose to repent and come to Christ and to emulate Him (v2). As Christ died for us so that we would not feel the sting of death - that we be as "rescued" from the grave by Him gone before, as lost sheep found in a fold they can not escape from, Christ has rescued us (v3). By being baptised with the Holy Spirit we are assured of the physical presence of God, even in the places where we can not see. By being baptised and rescued from the dead we should walk according to obedience; since it is more perfect for God to extend the purpose of His grace into our mortal lives, not just only in the promise of an eternal future-gifted life. (v4)

So, when does our eternal life start? Now of course. For if we be already rescued from death and justified now, we should likewise be dead to sin. Living as dead to sin in the newness of His resurrection by that grace which is now extended upon us.(v6) If we are dead to sin and alive in Christ, we have knowledge that eventually we will be with Him; for we all die. (v8) We know that Christ is resurrected and is no longer required to show He died obediently (v9) but He lives according to the will of His Father blameless (v10). So therefore we should consider ourselves as such even now in life; for although we must die mortally, our newness of life is extended us even now in the Spirit through the extension of the perfection of God to accomplish His will. (v11) (Our eventual complete repentance.)

We should therefore commit ourselves to repentance and the perfection of our faith this very day and work out our own salvation. We are alive with Christ through the Holy Spirit who is here with us for encouragement; so that in His presence we would not sin, but turn to repentance and find the strength to do so. (v12,v13). We are not under the condemnation of the law, but under grace - therefore we are to repent and seek out God in our faith, rather than to strive for good works to justify us (v14). Why should we continue to sin so that grace be made all the more? For Christ is blameless, having kept the law (v15). The sovereignty of God is absolute over His creations, and in the new covenant under the law of faith and grace, we are His servants - it is His will that we repent, else why was that grace extended? (v16)

We can thank God that we are made to diligently take to heart the sayings of Jesus Christ and have shown a strong desire to repent and improve ourselves (v17). Now once we are imputed righteousness enough to be gifted the Holy Spirit, we have the strength under God's grace to strive for yet more repentance and more the righteousness of Christ - in effect to serve out the ends of our eternal life. (v18).

Paul is writing in plain language here, because He knows all too well that the Romans were given over to lawlessness in condemnation of the law of God without its knowledge. (v18) Turned again; now to serve without ending all the laws of God through the righteousness of Christ within the grace offered over themselves by God.(v19) They had no righteousness, not even from the law to boast of (v20), even so the things of which they must now repent lead only to one place - death: (from which they are now rescued by Christ, He having gone before them.)(v21) Now, with the gospel preached them in this similitude of simple language, Paul states that their liberty is found in obeying God and receiving eternal life to continue within grace. (v22)

For sin leads only to death with no escape from the judgement for those who are given over to a reprobate mind. In opposition God gifts eternal life to those to whom he imputes righteousness upon in measure enough that they never go thirsty! The fruit which they will show (obedience) through eternal life's grace is that by which God will be all the more glorified. A little freedom goes a long way indeed.

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