Romans Chapter Eleven

So, Paul states here (v1,v2) that God has not cast away His people into ignorance and sinfulness for another different people: but He has preserved a remnant from among Israel (v3,v4) as a potter a good vessel, adding in clay to make the vessel whole (v5).

If then there is an election of grace; then as based on faith it is not of works, otherwise there is respect to works and it be no form of grace, for God must be satisfied with our justification, and our works fall far short of the requirements of the law. (v6) but if it be of grace then, works become as unnecessary (in the strict logical sense) to justify and are then not effective works.

So the elect of God through His grace attain to the good keeping of the law because grace is extended them. Israel of the jews had not obtained the fulfilment of the law and the sanctity of that extent of mercy because the jews had become blinded to faith. They had sought it by a system of works that corrupted the intent of the law's creator. (v7) In their own system they felt they were attaining justification and did not prepare for the coming of Christ. In the end they would not recognise His works, and not hear His gospel (v8). Their inheritance as heirs in Christ was their stumbling block (v9) because they had a system of works that was out of line with the intent of God. When Christ came, they didn't recognise the one who fulfilled the law blameless (v10). And in so accusing Him of sin within their own system, they broke the law by making their true God into a corrupted likeness of such a one as themselves, that would justify them based on their physical natures rather than in all Holiness under grace.

That is the true extent (holiness through grace) offered now to all, to the gentiles as well as the jews. (v11) - In glorifying God before the jews, the gentiles would lend the glory back to its source - Christ and the true God of Israel. (v12) In that, the jews should see properly the richness of the gospel pointing back to Christ, (as he said, as heaven opened, coming on the clouds of heaven) from their own jealousy..

Paul would much rather that the blindness that has occurred to Israel be made into clear true sight of Christ - for if their stumbling is such as to bring in the fullness of the gentiles, so much more profitably then will the same be accomplished if Israel were once again to stand upright in Christ.(v12) Paul makes this allusion to the more abundant gospel of his hope as the apostle to the gentiles. (v13) By the gentiles Paul hopes to provoke a few more teachers from the jews to work with him the more abundantly. (v14) Paul states that if the fullness of grace to the gentiles is the result of the gospel turned away from the jews, then the conversion of them (the jews) would be more abundantly the spread righteousness of Christ, as having raised more (worthy) potters clay from its original source. (v16)

Paul makes the claim here that the root of Christ's body was perfect - but He also preceded this chapter with the statement that the faith of Abraham as well as the promises of God are the root of Christ's Israel, not physical lineage. Paul alludes that somehow since the natural branches were not spared and wild ones (gentiles) grafted in to the tree, then so much more so the natural branches would thrive were they grafted back in. (v17 - v24) For if the natural branches were taken out, the unnatural branches should not consider themselves better for they could be just as swiftly removed. (v20,v21) For the natural branches were removed in severity - and the unnatural branches are subject to the same severity if they are not also fruitful. (v22) Paul states they were broken off for unbelief and gentiles are grafted in by faith. (v20) The jews are then able to be grafted back in also (v23)

But if faith be our justification to better promises, we must be wise rather than conceited. (v25) For if we say we are free from sin, and have forever to display repentance, and we can put it (repentance) off forever and live in God's grace all the more freely under licence, we make God a liar - we can be removed from the tree for cause of disobedience as under that severity. (v26)- Christ is the first fruit and root of the tree and He is holy - the whole tree must remain Holy (v27)- we WILL be excised as the former branches were, for disobedience to the faith on Him who is made sin for us.

We also can become blind in like manner as happened to the jews, making the image of the incorruptible god into one of our own as we serve ourselves, and not as serving the intent of the creator and His grace - for faith requires our repentance. All that severity can fall upon us also. For we can corrupt our faith if we display no repentance - we deny Christ in so doing.

The jews, Paul alludes are beloved then for the sake of the repentance of Israel that is by the election of grace - they are altogether profitable if they find and continue in the promises that are in Christ, but unprofitable otherwise as enemies of the gospel (v28) (The gifts of God, and also the calling of God are without repentance - offered to all, but never are the promises gone back upon.), Enemies displaying that same unbelief of the jews (that the gentiles have come fully into grace) - causing a openly regarded yet poor example to the gentiles as yet unconverted that "Christ has come".(v30) Then as all can believe (including physical Israel) all should rather be seen to do so through the fear and humility and lawfulness of the gentiles. By God's mercy the jealousy of the jews might provoke them to better approach the gospel of God from the gentiles example. (v31)

For as Israel, the true body of Christ is a light to the blind - blind jews without the light of the gospel are better equipped to recognise godliness in those to whom God's promises are made - especially after the true intent of the law. It is for their better conversion that God has concluded them in unbelief - set apart from God by their own system of traditions and lineages that He might have mercy on them by showing them His mercy upon the gentiles who keep the law without that system. Without that physical lineage. (v32) How wise of God! (v33) In so doing, He has led the jews who may recognise godliness away from their systemic unbelief and directly to Christ (v33) in whom their unbelief is met by their jealousy. (v34) The Lord has foreknown their reaction (v35) and shown mercy to all, even the same jews; through their own adverse reaction to Himself! (v36) All the more then are the gentiles converted to provoke that jealousy and display Christ to the jews.

In this fashion the Lord has made two vessels as in the "potters clay" prophecy; that one vessel (old testament Israel) has been made to dishonour, (marred in the potters hands - as in the coming of Christ) and reformed into a new vessel (spiritual Israel - Christianity) to become honourable. The old vessel is not now the Lord's vessel, but is moved over to dishonour in comparison. Even the marred clay in the potters hands works to the glory of the Lord in the work that he remade according to honour.

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