The book of "2 Corinthians" Was written soon after "1 Corinthians". The assembly of believers at Corinth had made great progress following Paul's teaching in his previous epistle. They had been sadly infiltrated by false apostles as is evidenced by Paul's closeness to the believers to whom he was writing. His previous assertion that they had not yet been tempted in anything that was uncommon to man and they were not ready yet for satan to be crushed under their feet - is given its fulfilment here as Paul assures them of his gospel and gives them all they require to keep their fellowship blameless before the Lord.

Again, you will require an open bible as I will not be including the verses. Enjoy!

2Cor Chapters 1-7

Chapter One
Paul greets the believers and rejoices that their prayers for him have been answered to the sparing of his life. Paul also asserts that their faith in the gospel is well grounded.

Chapter Two
Paul writes to justify the joy he hopes to find in the fellowship when he next visits.

Chapter Three
Paul writes of the reason for their opposition by the jews.

Chapter Four
Paul writes of the hope he has in Christ that leads him to persevere in the face of opposition and strife.

Chapter Five
Paul examines the hope of the believer, the surety of eternal life and the respect and diligent repentance and fear of God that the believer should be minded with. Bearing these in mind Paul exhorts the corinthians to be reconciled to God.

Chapter Six
Paul warns the corinthians to beware of relationships that have the effect of leaven in the purity of their fellowship, and also make impure the authority of God in their lives, mixing in agreements with men where diligence to God should be the only thing that is shown.

Chapter Seven
Paul is filled with joy at how well the corinthians commended to themselves the commands of Paul in his first letter, removing and correcting themselves in fervent zeal to repent of every charge Paul had laid to them.

2Cor Chapters 8-13

Chapter Eight
Paul commends the macedonians for their gracious collection for the saints and encourages the corinthians to excel themselves in showing themselves as living up to the boasting of Paul everywhere of their love and faith. Titus is sent to accompany the gifts.

Chapter Nine
Paul readies Titus to collect the donation and advises they be ready and prepared; also instructed in the thanks that the grace they show that will be reciprocated by God to them. The gift is for the glory of God - not merely for the lack of others.

Chapter Ten
A great chapter on apostolic authority - showing the results of the "Liberty, Faith and Authority" section of the metaphysics area - I am grateful to the Lord for this one indeed!

Chapter Eleven
Paul warns of false gospels taught by jews in subtlety based on the preeminence of the outward appearance, (not having that previously stated apostolic authority) So Paul shows his outwardly appearance of true apostolic authority and therein the love it is sown in for them.

Chapter Twelve
Paul recounts the reason why he doesn't boast of his own faith - and recounts the blessings of the gospel in its strength. He comes to visit Corinth soon and hopes against his own example that he would find them continuing in the gospel he taught - and not of false teaching that would cause much debate and division when he arrives.

Chapter Thirteen
Paul closes his letter with encouragement for them to repent - warning sharply that he will exercise the authority given him; He calls them to repent and examine themselves. True apostolic authority is to their edification - not their destruction, therefore he encourages them not to listen to false doctrine but to persevere in the gospel that Paul has taught them.

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