If you have read this far you have shown great patience, I have put together these pages so that every time as more is revealed to myself after reading, that which 'is' or 'should be' self-evident from the scriptures as opened, I should add it upon all these commentaries on the epistles. I have sometimes been repetitive, mirroring the text in language that is customary to myself - I have done this as much for a placemarker to add new content upon as well as to, but I trust that any reader will have been diligent enough in holding the scriptures open to not berate me for that!

Finally, once again you will need an open bible to follow, as I will not be including the actual verses. Enjoy!

1 John

Chapter One
John writes of the reality of the resurrected person of Christ and the nature of the truth of Christs life.

Chapter Two
John writes of the grace of God and its justification by Christ - we have an advocate with the Father, He also writes on how they should love the truth of the gospel and God's person, and how to recognise temptation as well as those that pervert the gospel of God.

Chapter Three
This chapter continues encouraging the believers with the knowledge that the unity of God's people of spiritually configured Israel in the Spirit requires that they (the believers) love one another. We show our love for God by keeping His commandments.

Chapter Four
John asserts that we test the spirits that come to us and teaches on the nature of God's love - and that that love is rooted in truth, and we have the same love if we love the truth.

Chapter Five
The epistle concludes with instructions on how to recognise whether a person is antichrist or not - whether a person is "born of God" depends on the nature of his knowledge of Christ - for it is knowledge of God.

2 John
This short letter warns a fellowship of gnostic heresy and commands believers not to accept false teaching, and not to support it charitably.

3 John
This short letter gives instruction to one Gaius to move fellowship: that it is better for Gaius to be able to support traveling apostles openly rather than in secret at his current fellowship that will not accept them. John calls the man that is the cause of this a worker of evil, and recommends another fellowship.

Jude reproves the fellowship of believers for having fellowship with false disciples that follow a different gospel and deny the example of Christ and the will of the God that sent him.

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