Hebrews Chapter 5

Christ is made a fitting high priest for us, calling us His brethren. He was obedient as a man, with faith as a man can have, so that he was an example taken amongst all men as a whole, and not as by Godly perfection unattainable by men. (v1) A high priest is one who is acquainted with troubles and has mercy and compassion upon those that require it. (v2) Likewise a priest should also offer up offerings for sins. (v3) The purpose of this epistle is to show Christ did just that.

No priest appoints himself a minister of God's promises, but by the will of God only. (Not to speak of other gods) (v4) So therefore God the Father did make Jesus His Son before His disciples, and not of Christ's own doing. (v5) In the scriptures God said Christ would be a high priest after the fashion and order of Melchizedec. (v6) Christ, who had himself feared death and the sufferings he would go through, had prayed to God (v7) but had perfected His obedience by being faithful to death. (v8) By being thus perfected, He became the very example of faith and obedience that we should become to inherit eternal life. Not just by example only, but in being able to judge among those that are called into eternal life. (v9)

Christ, called by the Father Himself a priest after the order of Melchizedec, (v10) of whom a great many things are written in this epistle because the readers of the epistle have not understood the purpose of the law. (v11) Melchizedec is a priest not appointed after the fashion of a servant of God as was Aaron and the levites, but as one who had surely been given that authority when none other had been given. It then remains to show that as after faith, this line of priesthood is appointed, and not after a service to the works of the law only.

Since when apostles should become teachers of the mystery of God, in order to properly preach the intent of the law to its fulfilment in Christ, it must first be shown again for what purpose the law was, and not as law has become to them - (in that it should fashion Christ, and not Christ it.) (v12) Paul likens this to feeding them with milk so that they may later digest meat. For not knowing the intent of God is to not understand His righteousness (v13) but meat is for those that are old and have by much study proven themselves to discern properly the intent of God from misconceptions of His words.(v14)

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