Ephesians Chapter 2

Paul asserts that the believers once dead in sins have been made alive in Christ. (v1) Previously they followed after the physical things of this world, under the "prince of the power of the air" or satan, which buffeted or swayed them (as wind) previously but against which they now stand firm in Christ. The same swaying or buffeting which affects the disobedient not in Christ. (v2) All have come under such false gods as were previously worshipped by the gentiles - the jews themselves not seeking justification by faith in the one God but as by the law. Thereby making God into an image of their own fleshly desires and coming under the wrath of God as a vessel prepared to dishonour as were previously the gentiles. (v3)

But God in mercy through His love (v4) even to all the world which was dead in sin, has raised His elect to that eternal life with Christ's resurrection (the coming of His Kingdom) which is by grace to redemption to justify its own salvation. (v5) Making us a new spiritual creature, justified blameless with Christ in the kingdom of heaven. (v6) That in the future certainty of His kingdom, His praise returned of grace might exceed his righteous wrath; (which was our inheritance, as is it to those that do not believe) grace in His kindness to His people. (v7)

For we are saved by grace, and justified by our faith before the judgement seat of Christ, and grace is given to those with the correct faith as exampled by Christ - which is the gift of God. (v8) And we are not justified by works, because if any man should boast of works, he pales in comparison before God, even before Christ who came in all obedience. (v9) For we are the work of God ourselves, created new (born again) in the work of Christ as His own good works, for the purpose that we should walk likewise in the example of Christ to all good works fulfilling the law and the will of God. (v10)

Paul reminds them that as they were once as other gentiles they are called "the uncircumcision" by the jews who are called "the circumcision" which are not saved at all. (v11) That before they were made into the Israel of God, the gentiles were without Christ and separate from the inheritance of God, having no hope of faith. (v12) Now, however they are brought into God's kingdom by the work of Christ (v13)- the kingdom being the inheritance of the Israel of God - which is made into a spiritual kingdom of one gospel for jew and gentile alike. (v14) The enmity - the condemnation of the gentiles by the jews and the separation of the gentiles from Israel has been done away with, as Israel has been translated into a spiritual kingdom under a law of faith, and not of the letter. (v15) By doing so He has made peace between both parts, drawing from the two separate to make one whole, even a body for Christ. (v16)

Christ who came to teach the gospel to make Himself one people of a remnant elect did so from gentiles far off and from jews close to. (v17) For both may receive the Holy Spirit and are then of the Father's Kingdom. (v18) So the gentiles are no longer separate but are of a spiritual Israel as are the saints of the remnant elected from physical Israel. (v19) The end is that spiritual Israel is built upon the foundation of the law and prophets - being satisfying to God and His laws, built upon the foundation of Christ's perfect fulfilment of both.

Then the body of Christ is a temple of one spiritual nation made for the purpose that it be holy for God as His temple. (v21) The gentile believers also being joined and made into that one temple - is or are the Lord's people that He will dwell with through the work ongoing of the Holy Spirit. (The Spirit that trains all His people towards knowledge and obedience of God.) (v22)

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