James Chapter 5

James rails against the people that are rich in having their sensual desires filled. Factions in the church are upheld by those that are rich in those same things desired that are taught to be as good things to be much longed after - because they lead believers away from God into false misconceptions of "G v p" statements. The rich in this sense are those that would appear to justify that particular misconception in a worldly manner.

James warns them to beware - they are the cause of much trouble and will be judged. (v1) By the nature of sin revealed in this epistle their riches have been spoiled and are as worthless. (v2) In maintaining their wealth they have by going to factions to justify their wealth as if it were godliness heaped up the evidence of their own sins. (v3) Heaping the treasure together is also a reference to the gathering together of the members of these factions.

The hire of the labourers that have built this faction, (The Holy Spirit) has been held back by false doctrine which is perpetuated by these rich persons. (v4) And the cries of want for God's lacked presence and help for these labourers are heard by the Lord. These rich have lived splendidly in front of all those that had such lack and merely for their own sake. (v5) By forming false doctrine to approve of themselves they have held captive and destroyed by false doctrine believers that were otherwise just that had no quarrel with them. (v6)

James encourages the believers to be patient and resist temptation- because grace will be extended while the Lord patiently waits for the completeness of His saving work. (v7) If a believer is patient, they should prepare themselves for salvation by resisting false doctrine and other sin because the Lord is known to be returning (v8) James exhorts them to be reconciled to each other - because Christ the true judge of faith is even at the door to return. (To consider a true believer's faith invalid for reasons of a merely "physically evidenced" dislike is respect of persons that invalidates even the true faith of a believer - for the commandment is to love your neighbour.) The rich man / poor man may be in evidence here in a slightly different fashion.

Taking the examples of patience from the scriptures, much strife beset those who waited patiently on the Lord (v10) Much gladness is to be had in suffering the slights of others that do not believe or are set on division. (v11) Christ himself was fixed on the truth and suffered much for it.

James tells them not to bind themselves together in factions in anything other than yes and no. The discerning principles that hold together the body of Christ are the truth, and in binding oneself by oath to any faction, it can take on false doctrine and the believer would be condemned within it. (v12) (Unable to leave.)

James asks them to pray for each other (v13) specifically for the sick, so that elders within the church with the Holy Spirit and greater faith can pray for them, also for forgiveness of sins. (v14,v15)

Commanding them to confess their faults to one another, pray for one another for healing, he reminds them that a righteous mans prayer carries great weight (v16) by example of Elias (v17,v18)

Any man who converts another to the truth (v19) saves a life and shall cease a multitude of sins from appearing, both of the other and of himself. (v20)

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