2 Corinthians Chapter 4

So why does Paul continue spreading the gospel in the face of such opposition? - for the expectancy of a greater hope in God. As such mercy has been shown Paul and every believer whom he has converted, Paul does not shrink from the work of the ministry. (v1) Having openly spoken every word of the gospel before both saved and lost in all honesty - showing themselves to be free from craftiness so as not to be judged poorly by those that are receptive to Christ. (v2) If any do not believe it is those that are lost (to whom the gospel is veiled), and not from the hiding in craftiness of the gospel before them. (v3) Such people have had the word sown in all honesty, but the wicked one has stolen it from their hearts, blinding them to the grace of God. To the end that the remaining glory of the law's giving as fulfilled in the person of Christ and redressed with grace towards all might be shown them. (v4)

Paul had only preached Jesus Christ, not his own righteousness (as if he or any other had such) in service to the Lord, to all they that believe or would be converted. (v5) For God, who made His gospel and righteousness to be glory for those with none, (in the person of Jesus) has made known by Paul's preaching the knowledge that righteousness is imputed to faith in the same Jesus Christ. (v6)

Now, Paul writes that this simple faith upon Christ is had in their own minds (v7) So that they may honestly stand before God, and that the power is displayed as God's own, whom extends perfection from his kingdom through the ministration of His Spirit rather than as of their own power. (v7) Paul is troubled much by the opposition of the jews who stir up all the people against them (v8-v9) but never so much as to prevent the hope they surely have in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit; So that whilst they suffer the persecution they also more surely might be the example of that sure hope of eternal life by Jesus that was laid down in obedience for the benefit of all. Obedience that is, likewise to death.(v10,v11)

So then, obedience to death is Paul's concern (not death itself, but Paul is consistently confronted with it) but life in all believers by the gift of God more so. (v12) That is the life which is also Paul's by the mutual faith he has, which is that of which he speaks. (As an apostle with the authority to correct any other, being grounded fully in the truth of Jesus Christ's obedience.) In the hope that Jesus laid down his life so that His life would take its place in the lives of many (v14), becoming by grace a gift of life, (taken up again in the many believers bodily vessels) through the resurrection and in Spirit and by grace becoming a more abundant people with much greater thanksgiving to God to His glory. (v15)

For that cause Paul perseveres, but though he is faced openly with threat, every day he is strengthened by the hope of this glory in Jesus Christ.(v16) For tribulation is but short in this life but with the sincerity of the gospel preached in the person of Jesus Christ a greater and more abundant glory is made for God with the increasing of His people. (v17) - Paul's eyes are fixed on eternity and not on the temporal things of this life. (v18) and surely that is his comfort in the moment.

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