Romans Chapter Sixteen

The last chapter of "Romans" is perhaps explained away by those who live comfortably, but Christians were in much danger of persecution by the jews, who were made very jealous by Christ, seeking to persecute all the believers round about Jerusalem. Before Paul came to Rome whilst a prisoner he feared greatly that the jews in Rome had been warned against christians, but thank God, they had not. Verses 1 to 16 account for whom should be warmly received from Paul's fellow ministers of the gospel, and to those whom he sends greetings, that they be well assured of one another as fellow believers, and in their aid to Paul have engendered a debt of gratitude.

Things were perhaps a great deal more honest back then amongst the believers. In that receipt of grace freely was returned with warm welcome and repaid kindnesses in the face of danger. The further spread these receptions to the believers the better - for distance was hardship to the traveller without them.

Paul imparts some last wisdom here; (v17) to be wary of those that cause divisions in doctrine - that such people be avoided. For in serving their own doctrine they seek to serve their own needs - by either falsely expecting to be received and kept of the believers, or figuratively by making God to suit themselves, by which they deceive those who are easily confused. (v18) Paul is warning them that their obedience to the faith of the gospel that has spread to them is renowned: so that those who would deceive them as their apparent brethren know all too well where to find them. (v19) Paul mentions this not in passing (at the end of his letter here that they be mindful of it), but to y inform them the more to pay attention to the whole gospel rather the deceit of false teachers. (v20) Thereby the lord shall reveal closely any falsehood if they be minded towards the truth of the gospel and Paul prophecises here that they will succeed in overcoming soon enough the threats facing them as believers in Rome itself. (v20)

The company of Paul send greetings (v21-v23) and the letter closes with praise of God, who through generations has revealed his Christ as a mystery revealed through the prophets, which is now established fact; to all nations of the world. Paul closes with an allusion to the Holy trinity. The Holy Spirit which ministers and reveals through His word the truth (v25), the coming of Jesus Christ (v26) and finally to the Father whom Christ's obedience and ours is become His perfect will.

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