2 Corinthians Chapter 1

Paul again opens with an allusion to the trinity, an apostle (ministering by the Holy Spirit) of Christ by the will of God (The Father). He blesses those believers that have the extension of grace over their sins (v2) with peace from the sealing of the Holy Spirits ministrations - the gift of God to all those that believe in truth. Praising God who comforts all believers (v3) in Christ's absence with the Holy Spirit, Paul confirms that comfort is present even in sufferings (v4) and God is likewise able to comfort any in trouble in the same manner as Paul himself is by the Spirit.

For as Paul's sufferings increase, so does the comfort provided him by the Spirit (v5) Paul states that in his sufferings he hopes for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be ministering to them - which same ministering to them is a comfort to Paul also in his sufferings, or whether He finds himself comforted it is likewise confirmation (consolation) that the same Spirit is ministering to them also. (v6) The believers also suffer, therefore they will be comforted also, through the ministering of the Holy Spirit in God's grace.(Which is the hope of eternal life) (v7) God is not more for one than another, but to all.

Paul had undergone great suffering in his recent ministry (v8) but had held hope of eternal life (v9) though the suffering was against all hope for their lives. Yet God had spared them under the same hope of eternal life - rescuing them in like manner as they would have been had they in fact, been killed. (v10) (we extended by perfection again here. His Kingdom come. Paul's rescue confirms both them and the ministry with great joy) Paul thanks for their prayers - that this extension of perfection to rescue by their many prayers may be returned with thanks by many others also besides them (to whom Paul preached in fear for his life).(v11)

Paul states that his rejoicing is truly in the preaching of the gospel in all truth with a clean conscience and by simplicity - under the forgiveness of sins (grace) Paul has been rescued from great danger, preserving his ministry in the world (v12) and more abundantly towards the corinthians to whom he now writes, upon no new principles of the gospel other than they read or have been taught from Him. No other gospel is given them. (v13)

For, as (by their steadfast prayers for Paul's life amongst the prayers of others (the in part bit)) towards the answering of prayers of rescue by God they have acknowledged that Paul himself, (rather than their ministry) should be their fruit in the resurrection as much as they, being grounded in truth through Paul should be Paul's own.(v14) In the confidence Paul had in their faith and of the true gospel learned by Paul he had hoped to visit them a second time (v15) as he would have gone into Macedonia on through to Judea. (v16)

When Paul had written them last, his letter was strict, not according to the letter of law and endless conditions and ordinances (v17) But as of the true promises given them of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (v18) Through Christ, of whom is all grace, covering all sins, to the end that it should become repentance and eternal life.(v19,v20) (That we should glory God all the more because life is more abundant in Christ than the curse of death that came by disobedience.)

Having received the truth of grace and eternal life as heirs with Christ (v21), the seal of the Holy Spirit has been extended down to us presently; by God as from above to minister the ends of our perfected repentance (within our means of gifted eternal life) as the method of justification of that grace's extension to cover sins. (v22)

Paul asserts that for their benefit he postponed his visit to them so that they would not be visited in strictness as was his last letter so minded (v23) - not so that his message towards their faith would be legalist, for their faith is as true as Paul's own, within which they stand firm. (v24)

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