Ephesians Chapter 5

Paul commands them then to obey God through continuing life in the Holy Spirit. (v1) And to show love for each other - dedicating our lives towards God in the same fashion that Christ presented himself, for God and blameless to God. (v2) All bad behaviour Paul commands them to put away - firstly from their own behaviour (v3,v4) but rather in thanksgiving for grace, and to sever relationships with those that would pollute the holiness of Christ's body. (v5) He exhorts them to not be foolish or deceived with vain words - false doctrines that turn the understanding of the true person and nature of God into an image made after a man's requirements. (v6) Therefore avoid such disobedience to the gospel in Christ (v7) For as once they were alike to such; understanding not of Christ (v8) they are now to be separate, having come to the knowledge of the true God by the example and gospel of Christ.

By correction in the Holy Spirit to those that walk in His ministering, the gifted eternal life shows the fruits of a Christ-like life (v9) that by His edifying in each believer directs their minds into the full knowledge of God. (v10) Therefore have no mixing of the true nature of God with the false"gods" and superstition of unbelievers or of your own past mistakes, but be corrected from them. (v11) For it is sinful behaviour to be separate from God, the disobedient do things that it is shameful to speak of even in secret, let alone openly. (v12) But everything corrected is self evidently corrected by the truth. (v13) Paul quotes scripture to say, awake from disobedience, and Christ shall supply you with truth to be corrected to eternal life. (v14) So then, Paul tells them to walk wisely and not foolishly - as seduced by vain teachings. (v15)

Redeem the time - Paul means to show that not only do they redeem their own past selves by correction of doctrine, but they are to be repentant, not conforming to the world in behaviour. (The world is redeemed by their presence in it.) So Paul asks them to bear in mind the purposes of God, (that only His people will inherit the earth.) (v16,v17)

Paul exhorts them not to be drunk; in excess of liberty, but be filled with the spirit so they know the liberty of grace, not of licentiousness. (v18) Giving praise (v19) and thanks (v20) to God in all things for the abundance of His mercy towards us. Then since grace is extended to the forgiveness of sins, in order to show our election true, we must be repentant - but more so we must be able to be corrected by each other when we are at fault , even unknowingly. With fear of God and the love of the truth, we should accept correction from each other also. (v21)

Paul then gives advice to keep the relationships within the believers that shouldn't be broken, intact. (Their marriages.) By modelling the family unit after the relationship of Christ to His bride, the stability of the family is kept intact. (v22-v33) Interesting points of note are that the patriarchal paradigm shown here is independent of the presence of children. Paul speaks of a mystery - of a man being one flesh with his wife (v31,v32) - but Paul speaks of Christ to His body. Likewise with much care and tenderness should a husband love his wife (v28,v29) as equally of his own body. Paul advises that husbands be shown reverence by their wives - as does the bride of Christ to God.

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