1 Corinthians Chapter 2

When Paul preached the gospel at Corinth, he did not do so with arguments or great oratory (v1) describing the gospel, but spoke only of the death of Christ on the cross - How God had chosen to gift His eternal life to those that would believe upon Christ.(v2) Paul was very much a show of humility and was humbled, being without metaphysical arguments and proofs of wisdom. (v3), Confirmation instead came from signs and wonders performed by the ministering of the Holy Spirit - as within the eternal life being gifted.

For it is more perfect for God to be present with His children, but the Holy Spirit is not in the sense "visible" through anything but ministry, and greater is the God whose kingdom is displayed to be here now than as belonging to one who has left completely (that is to say as would Christ be without the Holy Spirit sent).(v4,v5) Then is the Corinthians' faith rooted in the person of God also as it would be were they hearing the words of Christ in person.

The wisdom of the gospel is not spoken in a trembling manner, but confidently (v6) and done so in all truth, not after the manner of something that may be resolved by dialogue, but as an absolute immutable fact.(v6) The gospel is a mystery that shows it is not readily understandable in its entirety - for though it must have a full proof (v7) it is hidden in parable and simplicity that can be evidenced to all. That simple truth's proof is the person of God present amongst us and we His people. (v8) After all, the works of the Spirit have greater sway over those called by the same Spirit.

The presence of the Holy Spirit has the end that we should begin to be made perfect in keeping God's law even now, and that we be heirs to eternal life. Those things prepared for us in eternity no one knows fully (v9)- all proofs being in the person of God manifested - but for now only by His Holy Spirit. (v10) (Which is God dwelling within ourselves, by that life which Christ has taken up again in us by resurrection.) (v11) His ministering then is fully the ministering of God by the calling and will of the Father; (v12) that is preached by the believers (also in the Holy Spirit's ministration) amongst all of the Father's elect. Not things that are worldly, but as spiritual and in a mystery. (v13) That spiritual things be rested on spiritual things, and not on concrete physical fact - So as to confound the wisdom of the world. (v14)

Since spiritual truths rest on the person of God as proof, all things can be judged as true by Him - for no one has altered the person of God upon whom all absolute truth in the Spirit rests. We ourselves are gifted the mind (knowledge) of Christ who had known the Father for us - that we could come to Him confidently. We have the very seal of the Holy Spirit confirming our eternal life resting in the surety of His words also. For faults or misconceptions as to obedience or law or purpose requires grace and repentance, as does a different gospel.

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