1 Corinthians Chapter 16

Paul reminds the corinthians to put aside money for his collection for the apostles each week Sunday instead of being tardy with collecting offerings when he arrives. Then he will send whom they approve to Jerusalem to the saints there - so that their gift of liberty in the gospel reckoned of spiritual debt arrive there safely - whom he may also accompany. (v1-v4)

He makes them aware that he plans to go on into Macedonia, wintering with them on the way, but he is not presently on a path to come by them, but will stay at Ephesus until Pentecost. (v5-v9) because there is much opportunity there for; and much opposition to, the gospel (One would assume from the jews.)

He instructs them to welcome and warmly receive his fellow labourers in the gospel; Timothy, Apollos etc; And reminds them to act charitably towards each other in all things standing fast in the truth of the gospel. (v13,v14) Being mindful to pay due respect to those that have taken the ministry of the true gospel upon themselves full time (v15-v17) because they have supplied the lack of the believers in the truth. They therefore have refreshed Paul's teaching within them in the mutual faith of the gospel. (v18)

Paul sends greetings from other churches, and instructs them to greet each other with holiness when they meet from each others fellowships - in the gospel. (As one faultless bride of Christ faithful to her husband.) Paul signs his greetings by his own hand (v21) and reminds them finally to expel those believers that are disobedient (v22) as the Lord comes quickly (the meaning of "maranatha").

Finally He closes with a blessing that represents by allegory the trinity (v23) - with grace (of the Father) of Jesus Christ (the Son) be with (By the Holy Spirit) them. Paul send his love in the Lord. (v24)

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