Romans Chapter Twelve

Therefore, as we can indeed become blind to the intent of the creator in the Gospel, that we would use the extension of His grace for our repentance - Paul beseeches us to present ourselves as a living sacrifice, (without as much spot as we can afford to remove) to God. (v1) To be not conformed to this world and its carnal easy going manner, but to excel and through the ministration of the Spirit be assured as to that which is God's perfect will, and work out our own salvation confidently (v2). For thinking high mindedly, that God has respect to our person rather than to His true own expectation of us as to how we should conform to Him is a faulty expectation of God. But in measure to our faith we should be ministers to ourselves as much as others. (v3)

Not all of us should know the unsearchable things of God all at once, for we are all ignorant in one degree or another. (v4) As one tree, one lump made holy by the righteousness of Christ (v5), we should minister one to another the various proofs and encouragements that make His body more the intent of its creator. (v6,v7,v8). Let our love for each other be not merely unto our own selves, but look out for it in others to correct their faith - for by so doing in this thing the lump is corrected. (v9,v10) Do so diligently and the "lump" will be brought into holiness by the will of its creator - that we be one in Him, as He is one with the Father. (v11-v16)

The responsibilities are not just to the believers, for such things may be done in secrecy and are not displayed towards others! Rather we should not be backbiters of those that sin against us, so that the fear of God should come upon them with respect to Christ's example. (v17) Do not seek out violence, and at any length settle disputes graciously (v18) so that Christ's body be without guilt. (v18). We are not appointed to wrath: for it is God who has the judgement - be of a forgivable nature to display the fruit due the forgiveness the Lord has shown you. For If you love your enemy and he has no respect, God will avenge your love that more fiercely for being such a son after his own heart. Do not succumb to patterns of evil behaviour - but by obedience to the gospel overcome evil by storing up treasure in heaven from God. In such a manner display the character of God as true heirs in His kingdom.

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