2 Timothy Chapter 4

Paul explicity instructs Timothy before God and Jesus Christ who is given all judgment over the saved and not saved at His appearing to all in His kingdom (v1) For Timothy to preach the word of this revelation, in season and out of season, (whether ready or not) - to correct those without correct faith (that principal element again.) exhort with all patience and forebearance all others; to reach the point where they attain likewise with sound doctrine. (v2) For the time is coming when men will not listen to sound doctrine; (not having received the love of the truth and being given over to strong delusion that they should believe a lie.) seeking teachers to satisfy their own lusts for an easy way, rather than of the strictness of adherence to the truth of the one gospel of salvation. (v3,v4)

Timothy is instructed to be vigilant in all things concerning false doctrine. To endure afflictions by those false teachers within their midst, (whilst turning them away.) to do the work of an evangelist, and to make full proof of his ministry - to confirm with power of the Holy Spirit all the truth of the gospel peached through him at Ephesus. (v5) For Paul is ready to be executed, and his death is imminent. (v6) He has kept his faith under the grace of the Holy Spirit, having acomplished all that opportunity has provided by the will of God. (v7). He is sure of a crown of righteousness awaiting him, as it does all those who successfully believe on Christ, which is the reward of the just judge - that grace be extended to the end of their perfection in the given eternal life. (v8) (Even the dead in Christ are sealed with their raising to life at His coming.)

Paul asks him that he does indeed come to visit him in Rome, For many have turned away from him there whilst he is a prisoner, (v10) Only Luke remains with him. (v11) Paul asks Timothy to bring Mark with him when he comes, for the help to the ministry there. Another brother, (Tychicus) Paul has sent on to Ephesus. (v12) After requesting a cloke left at Troas, as well as some books, but especially some scrolls, Paul warns of one Alexander a coppersmith whom did him much evil - and prays the judgement of God upon him. (v14) Telling Timothy to beware, for he has greatly opposed the gospel as a thorn in Paul's own flesh. (v15) At Pauls first judgement after trial no man stood with him, all forsaking him; Paul prays it not be held against them. (v16)

Even so, the Lord has supported the teaching of the gospel through Paul towards all the gentiles, and he was delivered from being thrown to the lions. (v17) Paul is confident that the Lord will deliver him from every evil device and will preserve him into his kingdom: to God he gives glory and closes prayer. (v18) By this last verse here, Paul hopes that he will attain the same obedient love of the truth that attains to the keeping of that principal element of faith (by a finite and principal ultrafilter) that is the gospel in Jesus Christ. For he hopes towards resisting every false doctrine and device of satan that arises out of his fear and temptation. Perhaps Paul overworries much, but he is correct that if he denies Christ, him will Christ also deny. But Paul commends His faith to the Lord here, and rightly so.

Paul sends greetings to believers (v19) and gives news of the movements of those brethren he is still in contact with. (v20) With a final request for Timothy to visit Rome before winter, Paul closes with greetings from those that remain with him, (v21) and closes with an allusion to the trinity; The Son be with thy spirit ((spirit not capitalised - it is Timothy's) of the Father by election to His people) with grace (by the Holy Spirit). (v22)

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