Hebrews Chapter 4

We must be fearful to obey God, and not neglect the salvation of grace offered to us, and must not grieve the Holy Spirit. For if we are disobedient and blaspheme how will we show we can enter into a likeness of behaviour of Christ? We would not be elected by grace then. We would not enter into God's rest. (v1)

For the gospel is preached to us, as it was to Israel in the wilderness by the law. But the whole body could not then enter into the land because of the unbelief and disobedience of some. (v2) But we which believe do enter into rest in eternal life, as we are now under grace and the law of faith, (the only body is that of the faithful believers), under which all the faithful enter into rest. (v3) For this is the intent of God from the beginning of creation: that men should dwell in the rest of God, after the creation was finished. (v3)

For God rested on the seventh day, as God also spoke again as quoted in this chapter that rest will be entered into. (v5). Because it was said that some must enter in to God's rest, (though none of those first preached to in the wilderness on the day of provocation could enter in to God's rest because of the unbelief of some.) (v6) God requires that there must be a rest awaiting those who have believed, as said also by David that there would be a coming of this promised rest to those without unbelief. (v7)

Jesus by David is said to have not given the rest to Israel once they had entered into the land, because the whole body had not been faithful, (v8) but the rest for those that are faithful must remain. (v9) For any one who has finished becoming as obedient as Christ, has finished "repenting" and has entered completely into eternal life. Also, the one who does the things of the law shall live by them. Thus obedience becomes one with the identity of the believer in Christ and the ends of grace as a means to justifying the election to eternal life. (v10,v11)

For the law of God divides the godly from the ungodly and separates out everything impure or disobedient. (v12) Neither is there any imperfection not unmasked before God: every part of the man, all his thoughts are open to God's judgement. (v13) Therefore, since Jesus is gone before us, let us continue to obey the ministrations of the Holy Spirit, whether from Himself or from other brethren. But most of all staying firm in the truth. (v14) Jesus Christ may intercede for us before the Father; in all things we may take comfort and find the strength to be obedient and faithful, for Christ has been there in all ways before us. (v15) Therefore under the grace of God we should come to the Father boldly for help in any need through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. (v16)

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