2 Corinthians Chapter 7

Having therefore the sure promises of being God's people, and more so to be His sons and daughters, Paul advises them to put away relationships with ungodly sinners and those relationships with the unrepentant that defile the body of Christ. (v1) (So that the temple of God might be and remain so; holy to the Lord.) Paul asserts that he and his company are blameless towards them; after the manner they had previously in relationships one to another (v2) not so that they would consider any of themselves at fault with each other for not being blameless as was Paul towards them, because the love Paul has for them all is very great, with them for better or worse. (v3)

Paul is very bold in the way he states they have commended themselves to God since his last letter. (v4) Paul has taken their condition with great comfort in all his sufferings. When he went into Macedonia Paul's company had great opposition (v5) and comfort came from the arrival of Titus (v6) (who Paul had not found earlier to his sorrow.) who brought Paul news of the corinthians diligent repentance.

Repentance - from every complaint Paul had written to them previously, thereby giving Paul great comfort.(v7) For Paul had made them sorry towards repentance, although he regrets making them sorry. (As but for a little while) (v8) He is justified in that their sorrow worked to their repentance through godliness (v9) that they would have no charge laid to themselves in Paul's sight. Paul advises that sorrow in godliness works to repentance, whilst sorrow without hope works to their death. (v10) For godliness after this type of sorrow brought with much zeal and forthright repentance a complete clearing of all that had grieved Paul; that caused him to write to make his complaints known.(v11)

Paul had not written to them for the benefit of those that had done wrong or been wronged, but so that they could see his love for them in the gospel (as were they his children) is open and displayed, they being his work and ministry there. (v12) Therefore in the knowledge that they were comforted and already busy with the task of reconciling themselves to God; severing and rejoining ungodly and godly relationships and replete with much godly behaviour, Paul was comforted by Titus who had found great relief having came from them.(v13) For Paul is so proud of them before Titus that he is not ashamed to boast, knowing by Titus that his boasting of their faith is found to be true! (v14) And Titus himself was very much moved at the obedience of the corinthians in how they received him; with fear and trembling. (v15)

Paul rejoices much then that his letter is already confirming their behaviour as much as it does instruct - he is confident to lay to them their own trust.

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