Galatians Chapter 6

Paul sums up with some commandments for the galatians' own good. If a man is discovered in an act of fault, let those who do have the Holy Spirit meekly correct him whilst paying mind to not be so tempted. (v1) Help each other out to edification and giving to fulfill the law that the whole work for the whole. (v2) If a man should teach without first having learned he only deceives himself (v3) But let every man prove his own repentance and faith so that he may be content in himself and not as of others. (v4) (For every man will stand on his own deeds before God. (v5))

If any man knows the scriptures, let him communicate the word to those that teach others in all things pertaining to godliness. (v6) Paul states that God is not mocked - they must continue in repentance and obedience to the moving of the Holy Spirit within them. (v7) He that continues in carnal lusts reaps a reprobate mind, and he that sows things of the Spirit reaps eternal life. (v8) Paul once more encourages that they keep doing well to obey the commandments to stay in the truth and edify one another - for in time they will either stand as upright before God or not. (v9) Therefore with opportunity to do good to all, do so, especially those of the faith. (v10)

Paul has written a long letter with His own hands (v11) He minds them about false teachers again, that constrain them to be circumcised and to keep the law so they may themselves avoid persecution for the true gospel's sake. (v12) The circumcised don't keep the law, but desire to have the believers circumcised so they may appear as outwardly godly (with many converts) when they are inwardly filthy before God. (v13) Paul asserts he would not boast of anything outside of the gospel and the example of Christ, by whom he is dead to the law and sin (the world) being crucified to it, and it crucified to him, (v14) so that he and we might share in the blamelessness of Christ before God by His obedience even to death.

Neither keeping the law or not keeping the law amounts to anything - only having being born again in Christ - a new creature. (v15) Any believer that has the seal of the Holy Spirit and is within the grace of God walking according to the gospel, Paul blesses with peace, mercy and fellowship. (v16) He writes let no man bother him further with these things, because he is a prisoner in Rome.

He closes with another allusion to the Holy Trinity, Brethren (as adoption, the elect of the Father) the grace of Jesus Christ (The Son) be with your Spirit. Amen (v18)

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