Colossians Chapter 4

Paul completes his instructions with the following;
That masters give equally to their servants just reward with those that are not in bonds, knowing they are servants of Christ themselves. (v1)
To continue in prayer and watch for its answering with thanks. (v2)
Praying for Paul also that there be greater opportunity to preach the gospel and the mystery of God to all who would hear it from his imprisonment - (i.e. especially in the palace) (v3) That Paul ought to make it known as he ought to speak it (as free). (v4)
Walk wisely before unbelievers so not to bring the gospel into disrepute, but let every answer to any man be with grace and by the example of Christ (seasoned with salt) that you should answer them as they ought to be answered in the truth. (v5,v6)

Paul informs them that Tychicus will let them know of his present state, he asks them to accept him, so he will return with like news for Paul of them.(v7,v8) He sends with him Onesimus, of the same company as the believers at Colosse- they shall make them aware of all Paul's news. Other fellow ministers of Paul's company greet them also. (v9-v15)

Lastly, Paul instructs them to share the reading of this epistle with those at Laodicea and vice versa - with an epistle sent to the other fellowship being shared to them. (v16) With a final encouragement to one Archippus, (v17) Paul signs the letter, asking for remembrance for his imprisonment in their prayers, then blesses them with wishes that they be shown grace. (v18)

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