Hebrews Chapter 1

Paul begins by introducing the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the old testament, (v1) and in the ministry of Christ. (v2) Paul asserts that Jesus Christ is God, and the foremost perfect heir of the Kingdom of God. Jesus came to show how we would inherit the kingdom of God also, but Jesus Himself is the perfect heir - not of just eternal life, but over all things. Jesus Christ did not "acquire" this inheritance, it was His from the beginning.

Paul puts in perspective that Jesus is the very one whose faith is perfect, in whom His Father is glorified, (that Jesus knows His Father and is the one in whom He is well pleased.) being without sin or any misconception of God. Then, that in being the very equal of God, (as not just an image) to perfect knowledge of the full perfection of the Father -so the very same perfection is present in Jesus also. (v3) Jesus, having fulfilled the law has upheld His own coming that we should recognise both Him and the Father that sent Him. Then also by His word in His ministry He has mediated a new covenant by an election by grace, and has been accepted by the Father to be that foremost heir - the only begotten son of God.

By being the one name under heaven upon which men can place their faith, Jesus has excelled any ministry of angels (v4) and Christ's inheritance is superior to their own, because nowhere in all the scriptures does it say to another that God will be a Father to an angel (v5) and it states that all angels will worship no other than Christ. (v6) Angels are made ministering spirits with power (v7) but Christ is made King, and the very person of God as His equal, not by attainment, but by victory in recovering blameless His standing as once He had it in the beginning. In this way we see the righteousness of Christ, that God can fulfill the law without sin, and be blameless, having perfect faith and knowledge of God the Father while being obedient and humbled as a man. (v8)

Christ's victory then is that good standing with God is possible for all men, that under the law of faith and the grace of God, Christ's new covenant was mediated without iniquity and with only obedience in mind, as under grace. Then all men will give thanks to God once they are saved, because of Jesus' example and testament (testimony) - so that the body of Christ will be Holy and not have iniquity. For receiving that grace that imputes righteousness to faith, all believers are glad and Jesus as the foremost heir and one without spot is He over whom they are glad. (v9)

For Christ is the one by whom all creation is made (v10) The world will perish when evil is finally defeated (v11) and will be remade (v12) so that Christ's victory over evil will stand forever when everything is made new for Him - for the Earth is His (the Father's) footstool but the footstool of Christ is the victory that will justify a new creation without evil, once the old has passed away. In this manner, Jesus is sat at the right hand of God, as all things are subject to Him - everything made new will be made for Him and by Him also. The passing away of the old for the making of the new creation puts all of this 'old' creation under Christ - from the beginning until now.

But as for the angels, they do not have such an inheritance, being under Christ themselves also by nature of the victory of Jesus (and Christ is the same before His coming, and after so he was never "under" another as are the angels (v13)) - they (the angels) therefore are subject to obedience in Christ as we are also, as ministers to salvation. (v14)

All of the law and the prophets exist to show us the way to God. That the only way to God is truthfully Jesus Christ requires that the law and the prophets all point to Him. There are no promises to angels to fulfil the old testament in this manner. The victory of Christ, and the new testament mediated of grace shows that all sin is (eventually) purged, but grace is extended to those with faith. Righteousness is imputed them as the very same righteousness of Christ, so that the whole body is holy now. Neglecting the grace of God and being disobedient (iniquitous) means you are not elected - eternal life is ministered to us so that we should be glad for grace and glorify God and His Christ Jesus.

By defeating evil, God can remake the Earth and the heavens new without evil - that Christ is He by whom all things were made, and is a victor rather than an "acquirer", we show how everything that exists is subject to Him, as the new creation is for Him. That requires the old pass away, and therefore all things that now are, are put under Him. Christ's victory will stand forever, as He is seated at the right hand of God.

But nowhere do the scriptures point us to another, an angel, or make Christ as an angel who was never as God in the beginning - we are called to not believe on any other, but to have faith that God can keep His own law should he wish as an example to us, and mediate a better covenant with better promises in His righteousness.

It is far superior for God to come in person to show this example than to fulfil it by another for the purposes of mediating a new covenant under grace. Jesus Himself stated He had known the Father, that justifies that He is perfect for the introduction of an example of perfect faith and obedience. Any misconception of God would be an imperfection under grace, rather than merely the requirements of the law. It is better for God to act as Christ in person than to fulfill a grace filled covenant with another.

Therefore rather than show an incomplete version of obedience and faith by His example we simply see how Christ is God.

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