2 Thessalonians Chapter 1

Paul opens his epistle again with two allusions to the Holy Trinity. by the believers (operative word "in" as with the Holy Spirit) in the Father and Son, Jesus Christ (v1); and secondly under grace (By the Holy Spirit) with peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ. (As by salvation.) (v2)

Paul applauds their growing faith and charity towards each other, giving thanks always as after the fact. (v3) So that Paul does boast of their commendable attitude and behaviour whilst under great opposition from the gentile unbelievers that had been stirred up by the jews out of jealousy; (Because of the translation of the kingdom of Israel from under the law of the letter to under the law of faith.) to all the other fellowships of God. (v4) Paul asserts this is a real evidence of God's judgement that they suffer such tribulation because of the gospel - because they are hated by the world for it. (If it was aceeptable to the world it would be of the world.) (v5)

Paul states it is a righteous thing that God should answer their opponents with His wrath (v6) and the believers be rewarded with rest and peace and salvation - eternal life with Jesus Christ at His coming, in power with His angels. (v7) The Lord will not just send wrath upon the opposers of the gospel and all unbelievers, but will burn the world and will condemn them to hell to be destroyed from the Lord's presence. (v8,v9)

This will occur during the time when the Lord returns to be glorified in His saints. (after the second coming) and to be admired by all them that believe; (when the Father descends amongst us on the last day after the second coming of Christ and the judgement. - the greatest glory is given the Father.) - this occurs because the testimony of Paul has been believed and passed on as a principal element of an ultrafilter, as it had through the Thessalonians. (v10) Therefore Paul prays that they diligently seek to be found worthy to fulfill the requirements of the election of grace, and live to the greater glory of God, in the might and boldness of the gospel. (v11) knowing that their faith is not in vain, but works in them mightily.

To fulfil the purpose of God is then for His people to show that Jesus is glorified above every other name among all men, and we attain eternal life through faith upon Him; that His righteousness is counted to us as long as we meet the requirements of the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. That we would eventually be glorified in Him as an eternal reward at His coming - when we will be credited with His inheritance, as though it were that we also are perfect in keeping God's commandments. (v12)

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